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conference call disruptions

Preventing Common Conference Call Disruptions

Instead of spending a fortune on travel costs for face-to-face meetings, businesses now utilize instant messaging, cloud work spaces, and screen-sharing platforms. More importantly, they now seamlessly bring entire teams together by arranging a simple conference call.
competitive industry

Working in a Competitive Industry? Try These 5 Business Strategies

Here, Kamran Mirshahi of Canary Claims shares advice on how to stand out from the competition when you work in a competitive industry. One or more of these strategies and business traits could be exactly what your business needs to thrive.

Want to Impress Your Customers? Here Are 4 Simple Ways to Start

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay It’s easy to get so caught up in acquiring customers that you marginalize the...
Kratom - featured image

Is Kratom Safe? What Does the FDA Say?

If you're considering starting a business in the kratom industry, you should read this article first. For one thing, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not recommend its use for any therapeutic reason. What's more, while kratom appears to be useful for treating chronic pain relief and some other ailments, it also has some harmful side effects.
manufacturing business

Tips for Getting a Manufacturing Business off the Ground

Launching a manufacturing business demands commitment, talent, and more than a little risk-taking. However, it is possible to build a business that is going to thrive in the 2019 marketplace.
amazon stumbles

Avoid the Amazon Stumbles by Seeking to Be Well-Informed

We've all experienced the Amazon stumbles, right? Perhaps you bought a piece of equipment for your business or some shampoo for personal use. Either way, buyers' remorse can quickly set in after an online purchase. However, you no longer have any excuse to remain uninformed. For virtually everything you might want to buy, you'll find lots of information online. Use this information to make well-informed decisions when purchasing at Amazon.
social media

Is Social Media Really Causing Depression in Children?

Business owners clearly rely on the expanded audience that social media gives to their marketing. However, we must not ignore the harmful effects that social media may be having on the next generation. 
digital projects

IT Experts Share 5 Tips to Help You Invest Wisely in Digital Projects

In this article, IT experts share their experience about digital projects. If you're trying to raise capital for your business, this is an important read for you. That's because these experts aim to help those of us without an engineering background accurately assess the potential of digital projects. Read on and learn more about investing wisely in digital projects. 
ICO website

How Will You Determine the Best Design for Your ICO Website?

If you’re planning an initial coin offering, or ICO, you’re going to need an ICO website. You can use your ICO website as a platform for fundraising. With it, you can also impress others with your coin’s geometric progression. For some useful tips on ICO website design, here are some points to consider.
workplace stress

Some Useful Tips For Managing Your Job and Workplace Stress

Workplace stress is a normal part of modern day life. However, you don't have to allow it to overtake and ruin your life. Take control now by making use of these simple tips.
day trader

Watch out for These Common Mistakes If You’re a Novice Day Trader

Are you toying with the idea of raising capital for your business by executing a few quick day trades? If you are, keep in mind that when you're a novice day trader, it's easy to make mistakes. That's because, when you buy and sell securities quickly and hold your positions for short periods, there is a lot that can go wrong. As a matter of fact, the day trader who is new to the game can even grow accustomed to watching his or her investment capital evaporate quickly. Here, we discuss some of the more common blunders almost every new day trader has made.
debt consolidation scams

Debt Consolidation Scams: Learn All About Them So You Can Avoid Them

Plenty of entrepreneurs have gotten into debt when they were trying to start their businesses. If this is your situation, and you find yourself in over your head, you might find it tempting to seek out a debt consolidation loan. However, you need to watch out for debt consolidation scams. If you should happen to fall victim to a debt consolidation scam, you'll have more to worry about than your debt crisis. Therefore, before you agree to a plan from a debt consolidation company, consider the points here.

A Brief Guide for Taking Care of Your Valuable Jewelry

Jewelry is often one of a woman's most cherished accessories. Women like to flaunt their sparkling finery and dream of passing it onto future generations with pride. Of course, we love our fine jewels. But do you know that along with love, your jewelry requires care and maintenance, too? To keep your valuables bright and beautiful, you need to understand how to care for and protect them. Here are some tips for maintaining your precious possessions.
working smart

Working Smart: The Perfect IT Tech When You’re Working from Home

If you’re starting a business opportunity from home, people are probably constantly telling you how much time and hard work you're going to have to do. While that might be true, there’s an old adage about working hard vs. working smart. And how the latter can often reduce the need for excessive amounts of the former. If the idea of working smart is appealing (and let’s be honest, who really enjoys 18-hour work days?) then looking at your IT equipment is a good place to start. We’ll look at some hardware and software IT solutions. Then we'll consider how they might free up some of your working week.

4 Tips for Managing an Employee with Addiction

Addiction isn’t something that you always see coming. You might think your employees have it all together. However, trouble sometimes lurks beneath the surface. Addiction affects millions of Americans every year. You need a plan for how you’ll handle it if/when it emerges in your workplace.

How to Choose a Trustworthy Forex Broker: 9 Factors to Consider

Before venturing into the foreign exchange market, you need to open a trading account with a currency trading broker, commonly known as a Forex broker. A trustworthy Forex broker makes it easy for traders to make profits and succeed. Here are 9 critical factors every trader should consider when choosing a Forex broker.
online assignments

Why You Should Hire a Tutor to Help You with Writing Online Assignments

Are you going to school in order to learn more about the world of business? If so, there are probably times when the press of your online assignments leaves you feeling overwhelmed. As a business owner as well as a student, you are exposed to an enormous amount of data on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, from time to time, you could find yourself faced with the impossible task of trying to absorb more than you can possibly take in. At those times, a professional tutor can be a great help. After all, you still have a business to run as well as classwork to complete. Why not do yourself a favor and ask for a little assistance? Below, we discuss some of the benefits you'll enjoy by contracting with a tutor to help you.

Want to Start Working from Home? Now Is the Perfect Time to Move

Americans are increasingly working from home. More sophisticated communications technology and greater acceptance from mainstream workplaces make this possible. Last year, more than 43 percent of American professionals reported spending at least some time working from home. That number is expected to rise continuously over the next several years. If you’re currently in a traditional work environment, or if you’re working from home only part of the time, this could be the year you fully transition to remote work. If it is, you have a critical opportunity on your hands. You could move, and now is the perfect time to do it.

These 7 Mobile Design Tips Will Boost Your Sales

As we near 2018, the “mobile first” mantra should seem like old news to savvy marketers. For the first time in history, mobile officially accounts for more than 50% of all web traffic. If your retail website isn’t already optimized for mobile traffic, or at least responsive to small-screen viewing, it’s time to get on the stick. Use these 7 mobile design tips to turn casual visitors into committed customers.

Overproduction and the Supply Chain: Why Management Matters

It might surprise you to know that overproduction can be far more harmful to your company's bottom line than you might have imagined. But first, there are 7 points in manufacturing at which wasteful practices can occur, and you'll need to get these under control. Someone with a business management certification can be invaluable in reining in all of these deficiencies. Once you have controlled for these waste points, you can seek out another danger—overproduction—that lurks behind them.