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Is Pay-per-Click Advertising Good for Business?

SEO dominates the world of organic online marketing. However, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising still has a place in business marketing, even in 2020.
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Small Business Accounting Tips for Startups

Most startup owners are responsible for every aspect of operations, from marketing their products and services to accounting. So equip yourself with the knowledge to do these tasks proficiently, particularly with money matters. Here are a few business accounting tips for startups.
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Financial Fitness: 5 Tips for Women

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels Does your house have a "property for sale" board outside because you couldn’t plan...

Marketing Transparency and Your Customer

Excellence in marketing directly impacts consumer spending around the world. You want to get your message through a crowded marketplace. Here is how.
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10 Benefits of Hiring Security Personnel

Are you thinking about hiring security personnel for your business? There a number of often-disregarded benefits that come with hiring a security guard which you can take advantage of. Want to know what these are? Read here to find out.
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Take Control of Your Business Debts

Here’s how to take control of your business debts—and your personal debts, too—so you can escape that cycle of disorganization.
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Moving Your Business? Here’s a Handy Checklist

Moving your business is a serious undertaking so don't make the decision lightly. Instead, carefully consider your options. Then, just as carefully, plan your move.
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What’s the Best Way to Finance Your Company?

It's not easy to start and run a small business. Moreover, even if your business is already up and running, there could be times ahead when you'll still need to finance your company. Here we take a look at three ways you can finance your company.
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How to Enter a New Foreign Market

Nothing says growth like setting up your business in a new foreign market. However, if you’re considering such a move, be sure to thoroughly research your new market and all your options beforehand.
manufacturing business

Tips for Getting a Manufacturing Business off the Ground

Launching a manufacturing business demands commitment, talent, and more than a little risk-taking. However, it is possible to build a business that is going to thrive in the 2019 marketplace.
leverage debt 2

Leverage Debt and Taxes to Become Rich: Tips for Smart Entrepreneurs

Most people are afraid of tackling taxes and debts. For them, these two items only bring bad news. However, this should not be the case. Take, for instance, smart entrepreneurs who use these things to their advantage. These people know how to avoid paying taxes in an ethical and legal manner, and at the same time they leverage debt to earn money.
financial processes

Why Automation Trumps Manual for Financial Processes

To be able to fully trust your financial reports, you need to be able to completely trust your financial processes. Without airtight processes, you’ll find mistakes and errors that can set everything off.
Exchange Online - featured image

The Benefits of Microsoft Exchange and Exchange Online

Exchange Online is the hosted version of Microsoft's Exchange Server messaging platform. Microsoft Exchange Online protects your data and keeps your employees connected. Read on to learn more about the advantages of Exchange Online.
business credit rating

Build a Business Credit Rating When Your Personal Credit Rating Is Poor

In many cases, business startups need to raise money to get their operations off the ground. However, budding entrepreneurs often put off building their business credit rating. This can be particularly the case if their own personal credit rating is poor.
small business loan

When Is the Best Time to Get a Small Business Loan?

When is the right time to get a small business loan? Well, that depends. The right time might be when you expect to have a flurry of business and need to increase your inventory. Perhaps you need to hire more staff. Or maybe you’ll need a small business loan when you need to expand. On the other hand, maybe you’ll need a small business loan when you need some cash to cover unexpected expenses. But there are other factors to consider as well. For example, variations among industries and business types can also affect how you search for the right loan and when you should do so.
financially stable business

What Are the Top 5 Indicators of a Financially Stable Business?

When you're interested in investing in a business, it is essential to understand whether or not that business is financially stable. Therefore, you must thoroughly understand the business's financial position. What's more, you need to know your own risk tolerance. These factors will help you to determine if and how much you should invest in a business. Here are five indicators of a financially stable business.
bank can help

6 Ways the Right Bank Can Help Your Small Business Succeed

Any entrepreneur fears their business failing. We read and hear news reports on the decline of the economy. We notice as well as the bankruptcy of other business owners. Perhaps you have watched foreclosures of small businesses such as your own. However, there are ways to avoid these horrors. For example, seek the counsel of a wise banker. Learn how the right bank can help small businesses like yours to succeed.
document management system

Establish an Efficient Document Management System

An effective document management system will make your day-to-day work life easier. It will directly affect your company on the organizational level. What's more, an efficient system will be easier on the environment. This alone will give you an opportunity to boost your brand. Therefore, it's important that you institute an efficient document management system in the beginning. This will help your company grow smoothly and successfully over time.
R and D tax credit

Filing for R and D Tax Credits: Is an Annual Claim Legitimate?

Your research and development (R and D) project is into its second year. Having successfully navigated your way through a claim for R and D tax relief for the previous accounting year, it’s time to compile documents for the next one. But can you submit another claim for the same project? Here we take a look at what happens when activity runs into two or even three years.
working capital requirement

Working Capital Requirement: Does Your Business Meet It? What to Do If Not

A working capital loan can help your business fill the gap between cash inflow and outflow. In short, this loan will supply your business with its working capital requirement. Moreover, with sufficient working capital, your company can overcome its liquidity crisis. It will have a financial cushion and its cash flow problems will become a thing of the past.