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How to Make the Most of Your Business Meetings

Hosting business meetings, especially these days, can be rather difficult. With that in mind, here are some tips you can use to make the most of your next business meeting.
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Clients on Demand Review 2020: An Inside Look at the Program

In this article, we will take a sneak peek inside the highly acclaimed Clients on Demand course and hear what a few of COD’s students have to say about their experience.
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User-Friendly Web Conferencing Tools for Small Business

Web conferencing is becoming the primary way to support and collaborate with business partners or team members in remote locations. Consider these web conferencing tools for your needs.
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3 Digital Marketing Techniques to Benefit Your Business

In this article, we offer three digital marketing techniques that your business can benefit from, and a few pointers on where to start.
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4 Powerful Tactics for Increasing Brand Awareness

If your company is the newest kid on the block, the first thing you need to do is run a brand awareness campaign. There are several key marketing techniques you can use to good effect. In this post, we discuss four of those tactics.
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Considering a Franchise? 6 Questions to Ask

There are a few things to consider before making a decision to get involved with a franchise. If you’re thinking about branching out with your investment strategy by getting involved in franchising, be sure to think about these questions first.
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Is a Paid Mastermind Worth the Money?

If you want to transport your business to the future, a good mastermind group can make your dreams a reality. But should you really pay for one, since there are millions of free masterminds out there?
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25 Solid Business Opportunities for an Entrepreneur Nurse

There’s a lot more out there for a nurse than simply working at a hospital or doctor’s office. Become an entrepreneur nurse.

Over 40 of the Best Small Business Ideas For Men

Here's a list of over 40 small business ideas for men. Most of these business ideas have little start-up costs and low...
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E-Learning Simulations: Are Yours Engaging Enough?

E-learning simulations must give online learners the ability to overcome real-world challenges and hone their skill sets. To this end, here are four important tips for improving your e-learning simulations to make them more engaging and ultimately more useful for your students.
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Alternative Wellness: A Growing Market

Today’s wellness market is booming. However, in order for the wellness world to sustain this kind of success, the industry needs strong marketing tactics to reach those with minimal wellness consumption.

Business Success Depends on Workplace Well-Being

Companies that embrace employee well-being as part of their business strategy are those most likely to succeed in the competitive global economy.
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What Kind of Startup Business Should You Launch in 2019?

Even if you're employed at what you think of as your dream job, there can still be something compelling about the thought of having your own startup business. The good news is that recent technological advancements make launching a startup business in 2019 easier than ever. So if you have a dream of launching your own startup, 2019 just might be your year. Here are some ideas for you to consider.
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Kajabi: The One-Stop-Shop Platform for Your Online Course Business

Because of the multifaceted nature of running an online course business, you need to have a reliable online tool, a tool that can cater to your needs. Kajabi’s numerous features are geared toward helping you advance, organize, and streamline your online course business. Accordingly, you no longer need to sign up for various third-party apps. Kajabi has everything you need and then some.
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What Are the Easiest Online Businesses to Start in 2019?

In today’s Internet-based world, there are innumerable opportunities to start and grow your own online business. But how do you pick what business to start? How do you find one that fits your needs, your interests, and your schedule? Here are some recommendations for some of the easiest online businesses to start next year.
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5 Things to Consider Before Starting Life Coach Certification Online

There are some pretty interesting benefits to having a business as a life coach. For one thing, you will be doing work that can assist others in living the lives they want to live. For another, you will be working for yourself. Before you consider making this career change, take a moment to review some things you should know.
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6 Beauty Business Ideas That Realize Any Talent to the Fullest

When looking for business ideas, the beauty industry is one of the best choices to make today. According to Forbes, the beauty business industry currently makes about $445 billion in sales. Plus, it evolves with extreme speed. Small brands are on the rise here. With the growing popularity of beauty services, opportunities within the industry are limitless. So whether you have a talent for styling hair, applying makeup, or organizing a business, you’ll be able to launch a successful startup of your own.
art lesson business

Ideas on How to Start a Lucrative Art Lesson Business

Teaching an art workshop is a great way to use your art abilities while earning some extra cash. An art lesson business is great because you can stay small and only hold classes when you have time. Or you can grow it so large that you must hire other teachers to help keep up with demand. We have some ideas to help you get started with your art lesson business.
building maintenance business

7 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Building Maintenance Business

A great amount of dedication is required to start your own building maintenance business. Being unprepared is the worst thing you can do. This will delay company progression and damage its reputation. However, when you get it right, you will be on the path to a secure financial future. Here, we look at the basic factors of starting a building maintenance business and suggest seven questions to ask yourself. We discuss why these factors are important and what to consider for future success.

Take Control of Your Life with Online Business Opportunities

Did you know that business franchises exist in every form, in just about every industry? Did you know it is affordable to start a...