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B2B Sales - feature

6 Proven Ways to Increase Your B2B Sales

Whether you already have your own business or are just starting one, your primary goal most likely is to generate more sales and growth. If you’re looking for ways to increase your B2B sales, we’ve prepared a list of tips all marketers and B2B business owners will appreciate.
log management - featured image

Cloud-Based Log Management: What Are the Benefits?

Using a log management service that's based in the cloud can be helpful in multiple instances. Moreover, understanding the benefits can help you make a more informed decision regarding your log management options.
trademark registrations

How Registered Trademarks Protect Your Brand

A federally registered trademark has many valuable protections for your brand. Read on to learn more about these important protections.
Cross-Border e-commerce

Cross-Border Sales: Five Common Challenges

Retailers engaged in cross-border e-commerce face a number of challenges to make customers happy. Use technology to your advantage on these common issues.
home-based - featured image

Starting a Home-Based Business May Be Your Best Idea Ever

In today’s digitized world, people can stay connected no matter where they are. So take advantage of all this flexibility and start your business right in the comfort of your own home. Still not convinced that starting a home-based business is advantageous? Keep reading to see why it may be the best idea you ever had.
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How to Start a Business Based on Your Best Talents

Regardless of whether you believe you were born with your best talents or you think you developed them by putting in hours of practice, you can use your skills and talents to start a business. In fact, many others before you have done the same. In this article, we explore ways in which you can use whatever it is you're good at doing to start a business.
landlord - featured image

How to Become a Successful Hands-Off Landlord

Although being a landlord can be a full-time job, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s how to generate income as a landlord without having to deal with the daily grind.
Shares - featured image

Shares and How They Work in The Markets

If you have invested in shares or if you're just thinking about it, this post is written for you. When you learn how investing in shares works in the international markets, you will be more likely to make good money from those markets.
installment agreement - featured image

How Do Installment Agreements Work?

If you search the Internet for a brief description of installment agreements, you might be confused by articles that refer to "installment loans." In this post, we try to provide some clarity about what, exactly, an installment agreement is.
customer retention

Customer Retention and Contact Management

What does efficient contact management have to do with customer retention? In this post, we explore this question. Read on to find out what we discover.
JD.com Press Release - featured image

Press Release: JD.com Partners with International Firms

Liu Qiandong, founder and CEO of the Chinese retail company JD.com, announced recently that the company had higher than expected first-quarter income. The windfall is a direct result of Chinese retail company's partnerships with multiple international brands, including Walmart, Tencent, and Google.
Commercial real estate - featured image

How to Make Money with Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate includes retail space, apartment buildings, offices, warehouses,and so on. This type of real estate generates income through appreciation of the property as well as from business revenue. Successful businessman Ofir Eyal Bar shares his experience in this post.
home-based business

6 Tips to Enhance Your Home-Based Business

Making improvements to your home-based business as it grows is imperative for its success. However, it can be hard to isolate which factors of your budding business you should focus on. But recognizing your business's strengths while acknowledging its weaknesses will put you a step ahead of your competitors.
CBD Products

Launch a Lucrative Ecommerce Store with a Focus on CBD Products

You are only a few clicks away from starting your own successful ecommerce dynasty with a focus on CBD products. As an entrepreneur, you’ve been waiting for an opportunity just like this one.
online auctions

Why Traditional Industrial Auctions Are Giving Way to Online Auctions

Buyers can now bid on and purchase industrial equipment, heavy machinery, lab apparatus, test and measurement tools, woodworking machinery, and even complete plants at online auctions.

NAIC Number: What It Is and How to Find out About It

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay  The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) was formed in 1871. Today it serves...
best-selling items

What Were the Best-Selling Items for the Holidays in 2018?

What were the best-selling items in your online store this holiday season? Did you pick some winners? Did you have—ahem—a couple of losers as well? While no one can predict the future, perhaps you can learn from the past to prepare for future holiday sales. So in that vein, let's take a look at what sold well for the holidays in 2018. By reviewing this list, you might be able to make some better guesstimates about what products to offer in your online store for the 2019 holiday season.
discount coupons

Discount Coupons: Use Them Effectively to Create Customer Loyalty

As a small or medium business, it is important to find ways to retain your customers. One way to do this is through offering discount coupons to your customers. Here is how coupons can work for your business.
worst small businesses

The Best and Worst Ideas for Small Businesses to Start

While many successful small businesses are born from great business ideas, a passion, or a hobby, it usually takes a lot of hard work, perseverance, determination, and drive to start a business and keep it going. Here are some of the best and worst small businesses to start in today's economic climate.
digital loyalty

Grow Recurring Income with Digital Loyalty and Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a broad term. It includes many aspects of using mobile devices to market a business. For example, some mobile marketing products include digital loyalty, mobile deals, text marketing, appointment reminders, text-to-win programs, and more.