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integrated care systems

Integrated Care Systems: What Does the Future Hold?

Integrated care systems help NHS organizations, commissioners, and local councils collaborate throughout the UK for better care, more satisfied patients, and happier providers.
office security system - featured image

Why Your Business Needs an Office Security System

Security is an essential need for all living organisms. However, there are some areas where security is more important than others. Some of these areas include homes, hospitals, and businesses. An office security system is vital for a number of reasons.
IoT - featured image

Top 10 Features of an Enterprise IoT Platform

An enterprise IoT platform will enable your company to connect and manage your devices, products, and assets remotely via the Internet. You can transform your business fast.
ADA - featured image

Make Your Website ADA Compliant with accessiBe

With a subscription to accessiBe, you will bring your site into full compliance with ADA regulations and thus avoid lawsuits. Also, your site will be more accessible to people with disabilities, establishing your brand as a company that cares.
shopping basket against black background

Ecommerce and the Psychology of Shopping

Ever perused the options in the checkout lane of a grocery store and grabbed one of your favorite snacks? You’ve been the...
POP displays - featured image

POP Displays Grab Attention and Increase Sales

Much of marketing is focused on how best to grab a customer’s attention. One method that has become increasingly popular in recent years is point of purchase, or POP displays. This is because POP displays offer significant benefits for businesses, including an impressive return on investment. In this article we look at how to make effective POP displays and how best to use them.
price action forex trading - featured image

Price Action Forex Trading: One Approach Among Many

There is more than one way to approach Forex trading. Among the many different trading types is price action Forex trading. In this post, we take a look at the characteristics of price action Forex trading.
security camera - featured image

Choosing a Business Security Camera System

The security camera system you purchase for your business today will come equipped with features that simply weren't available only a few years ago, including high-definition recording. Read on for an overview of the most important factors to consider when buying a security camera system.
Sales Presentations - featured image

8 Great Ideas for Sales Presentations

Are your sales presentations feeling a little stale? If so, it might be time to shake things up and try a new approach. To help you get started, here we share eight great ideas for sales presentations.
Using Instagram - featured image

Using Instagram for Fun and Profit: A Few Tips

In this article, we discuss how to use Instagram to get the most out of that platform. Hopefully, you'll gain some insights about using Instagram not only for entertainment but also for promoting your business.
employee productivity system

The Benefits of an Employee Productivity System

Do you want to help your employees be more productive? Creating an employee productivity system will help. There are endless short- and long-term benefits to creating one. Learn more about these benefits in this post.

With Overdraft Charges Banks Win and You Lose: Don’t Be a Victim

Who hasn’t been stung by a surprise overdraft charge? As a matter of fact, in 2017 Americans paid $34 billion in overdraft charges. But you don't need to be a victim.
bitcoin investing

4 Reasons Why Bitcoin Investing Is a Long-Term Game

Bitcoin investing has been a roller coaster ride in recent years. At the end of 2017, the price of bitcoin nearly hit the $20k mark. However, today, it’s fallen to $3,500. That’s one heck of a drop. But experts fear we haven’t seen the end of bitcoin’s dramatic fall from grace.
torii feature - saas management

Torii: How It Helps Companies Stay on Top of SaaS Management

The biggest challenge that IT departments face in 2019 is keeping up with their ever-growing technology stack. SaaS management solution Torii goes a long way toward helping IT managers consolidate and centralize SaaS ecosystems.
omnichannel marketing

Why It’s Time to Start Omnichannel Marketing for Your Business

Being at the right place, at the right time, with the right message is closely linked with a great customer experience. Also, it’s vital for businesses nowadays. That's why you should switch your old marketing strategy to an omnichannel marketing approach.
use video marketing

Use Video Marketing to Promote Your Blog and Engage Your Readers

You're busy writing a blog. It's all you can do to post regularly and respond to your readers' comments. Therefore, you might think that video marketing isn’t worth your time. However, we invite you to think again about video marketing. It's a powerful form of marketing, after all. And if you use video marketing to promote your blog, it will boost your SEO ranking and improve reader engagement.
future businesses

How AI Will Affect Future Businesses in a Variety of Industries

AI and the technological revolution we now face could lead to improved standards of living for people around the world. We call this oncoming revolution the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Let's try to understand in this post how AI will affect future businesses.
successful business executive

Habits of a Successful Business Executive That You Really Ought to Adopt

If you examine case studies of successful business executives and entrepreneurs, you'll soon notice similarities. Many of the greats rose to the top because they assembled a great team and knew how to manage them. Moreover, one trait they probably all have in common is that they developed beneficial habits early in their careers.
customer loyalty program

Why Your Business Should Offer a Customer Loyalty Program

Whether you run a restaurant, a book store, a gym, or similar kind of business, success boils down to one thing: getting customers to come back. That might seem simple in theory. However, gaining customer loyalty can be tricky in reality. Your business needs to be creative to keep people coming back. One way to do that is by rewarding customer loyalty.
leadership 5

Leaders Are Readers: Books to Boost Leadership Skills

Leadership is an important skill that governs every aspect of our lives. Leadership skills come naturally for some. But for most people, they’re developed over time. Experience is necessary to develop into a good leader. Understanding leadership theory isn’t enough to get results, especially when running a business with multiple employees. Still, concepts blossom into direct experience when absorbed from the right source.