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How to Start Your Own Online Casino

The online gambling industry generates a lot of money every year. Moreover, it attracts many people to start their own online casino businesses. If you think you have what it takes to start your own online casino, read here for tips on how to get started.
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8 Powerful Ways to Use Instagram for Your Business

Whether yours is a new business or an older one, you're wise to try broadening your social media portfolio. In particular, there are many simple yet powerful ways to use Instagram for your business.
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Digital Transformation: A Company Makeover

Are you ready for a company make-over? Let a digital transformation bring in new technology and change the way your company operates. At its best, a digital transformation focuses on the customer's experience as well as your company’s overall organization.
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Why an IT Guy Is Essential in 2019

For many years the IT guy—or gal—was a nerd who sat on the periphery of most businesses, if they even had someone like this at all. There are a few reasons why this role is not just nice to have, but a critical function in modern business.
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Data Analytics: Is It Useful for Small Businesses?

Do you have data sitting around but you don't know how to use it? If so, investing in data analytics for your business may be the answer you're looking for. Read here to learn five benefits of data analytics for small businesses.
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7 Unconventional and Inventive Ways to Beat Office Boredom

Anyone who believes the old maxim that “only boring people get bored” has never spent an afternoon proofreading the cells of an Excel spreadsheet. As a matter of fact, more than 90% of us will experience office boredom at some point. However, try to look beyond using social media and industrial amounts of caffeine to break up the tedium of office life. Loanable invites you to consider seven unorthodox ways to distract you from the slow march of the clock in the corner of your computer screen.
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What Are the Factors That Make Denver SEO Agencies so Competitive?

SEO agencies are quite competitive. You have probably noticed this if you have ever looked for an SEO agency to work with. There are several factors that lie behind all of this competitiveness. In this post, we're going to look at Denver SEO agencies in particular in an effort to discern what some of those factors might be.

Cryptocurrencies: How They Have Performed so Far in 2018

One way to raise capital for your business is to trade in cryptocurrencies. To find out more about what's in store for these currencies in the next few months, read on. Last year was fascinating for anyone involved with cryptocurrencies. New records were set, especially for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. Investors and traders felt on top of the world. By the end of 2017, Bitcoin had hit a new record high of $19,850. But what does 2018 look like so far?
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Do You Want to Start Your Own Business? Pros and Cons

Are you one of those people who will be satisfied with nothing less than owning your own business? Are you convinced that working on someone else's dreams is just not for you? However strongly you feel, it is important to look at both sides of the equation. We discuss both the pros and the cons of striking out on your own in this post.

Trustify Founders Bring Lofty Aims to Surveillance Work

The surveillance company Trustify relies upon a highly evolved technology platform. With it, the company connects clients across the United States to a nationwide network of vetted and well trained private investigators.

Don’t Let Financial Phobias Keep You from Getting Debt Relief

Financial phobias start in the brain, but they can manifest in the form of physical symptoms. One study from the University of Cambridge found almost half of financial phobia sufferers “experience a racing heart at the mere prospect of dealing with their money.” Additionally, 15 percent “feel frozen and immobilized” while 12 percent “feel ill.” If you're dealing with financial problems in your business that seem overwhelming to you, you could be suffering from one or more financial phobias. Read on to find out more.

Cryptocurrencies to Watch Out for in 2018

All of a sudden, cryptocurrencies are all over the news. Bitcoin, especially, with its huge jump in value in 2017, made people aware of the potential of cryptocurrencies. Suddenly, everyone is talking about blockchain technology. There's a new way of trading and thinking about finances in the air, powered by high-end technology and how connected we are these days. And now you’re thinking: “What cryptocurrencies should I be watching out for in 2018? Which ones are worth investing in?” Whether you’re investing in cryptocurrencies so you can afford law school one day, looking to get rid of credit card debt, or raising funds for the business of your dreams, these are the cryptocurrencies to watch in 2018.

Put Your Life Insurance Knowledge to the Test with Health I.Q.

If you're like many Americans, your life insurance knowledge likely includes the fact that life insurance is a safety net. You understand, in other words, that it helps protect your loved ones from financial hardship if the unthinkable should happen to you. If you're a small-business owner, your life insurance knowledge may even include the understanding that life insurance is especially important for you and your family. But how much do you actually know about life insurance? Seven out of 10 Americans quizzed by the Life Insurance and Market Research Association, or LIMRA, failed a 10-question basic life insurance knowledge test. This lack of understanding may explain why 37.5 million Americans have no life insurance. As a matter of fact, Americans are under-insured in this category by roughly $12 trillion.

When Should You Hire a Collection Agency?

Businesses are often reluctant to hire a collection agency. They worry that sending a client to collections will permanently damage their relationship with the client. Or they think they will harm their own reputation. In fact, though, hiring a professional collection agency is one of the best ways to preserve your reputation. In this post, we discuss some of the situations in which you should definitely call upon the services of a collection agency.

Now You Really Can Work from Anywhere—Including Working at Sea

The world of telecommunication has made it possible for anyone to work from anywhere—including working at sea. Mobility is the wave of the present and the future. CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business owners can now fully operate their businesses anywhere in the world, whether by land, sea, or sky. They can set up their office space on land in the traditional manner, in an office with a landline, fax machine, cable internet, mail box, and front door. Alternatively, they can set up at a Starbucks with a laptop computer. Or they can set up their office temporarily in First Class, soaring the skies on a commercial flight or aboard a private plane. You'll find the truly adventurous, however, working at sea.

“Get Rid of the Crappy Stuff” and Modernize Your Business

Are you thinking that you want to modernize your business but you're not sure where to start? In many cases, the three things listed here are holding businesses back from realizing their full potential.

Avoid These Common Mistakes When You’re Seeking Funding for Your Business

Lots of people have great ideas that could become great businesses, but a good many of those ideas remain only ideas because of lack of funding. If you’re committed to getting your business off the ground, though, there are several ways you could go about it: you could invest your own money, raise capital from others, or continually reinvest your company’s earnings back into the business until it takes off.All three types of funding have their advantages and disadvantages, but in this article, we’re going to cover the “must avoid” funding mistakes.

Seize Opportunities Before They Become Unavailable

In business there is nearly always an opportune time to act, a limited time during which you can attain the greatest profitability. Missing that time window will ultimately cost you. The opportunity will disappear. Read on for some guidance about how to act with optimal timing.

How to Fix Your Credit for Business Loans

What happens when your credit score falls below 700 and lenders are the only option for growing your small business? Here are some tips to get your credit back to the top!

Thinking Of Opening A Business In Canada? Here Is What You Need To Know

One of the best ways to improve is to observe others. The African Small To Medium Business landscape is still heavily underdeveloped in comparison to the North American one. We focused on the Canadian SME market to detail their struggles and solutions, some of which are very applicable for Africa.