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Small Business Benefiting From Unemployment

photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography Yes it is tragic when we continue to see the unemployment rate rise every month, it is depressing for...
disputes represented by an angry man in a workplace

How to Avoid Employee-Employer Disputes in Your Business

Disputes between employers and employees are an ugly reality in many workplaces. In this blog post, we go through a few practical solutions that small-business owners can employ to ensure a crisis-free working relationship with their staff members.
Spain Real Estate

Is Spain a Real Estate Paradise? Quick Property Overview

The real estate market in Spain has been growing steadily over the past few years. Investors are increasingly recognizing the potential of investing in this vibrant and diverse country.
High Paying Bachelor's Degrees You Can Earn Online

High-Paying Bachelor’s Degrees You Can Earn Online

Certain bachelor's degrees will almost automatically qualify you for an exponential pay raise. We offer suggestions for some of the best ones here.

2 Major Benefits of Starting an LLC in Pennsylvania

For many entrepreneurs, the fastest and easiest way to start a business in Pennsylvania is by creating a limited liability company (LLC). Review the benefits of starting your business in this state and the programs in place to help you succeed.
Business Technologies

5 Top Trending Business Technologies in 2021

It is true, technologies in the world is evolving faster than humans, which makes it a little scary. However, these technology trends have proved quite useful in our lives, especially in our business sector.
Workplace Accident

What to Do After a Workplace Accident in Philadelphia

Known for its biomedical and education sectors, Philadelphia is a thriving city that’s home to more than 1.5 million residents. However, no matter where you’re located, you’ll always have to contend with the threat of workplace accidents. Make sure your business is prepared.
benefit - featured image

Best Benefit Alternatives for Small Businesses

Given the lengthy duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, employers are looking for new and innovative ways to keep their employees happy by providing various benefit packages. But finding the right mix is not an easy task, especially for owners of small businesses.
PEO - featured image

The Advantages of Using a PEO for Your Business

What is a PEO? The acronym stands for "professional employer organization." A PEO is a company that can help you with multiple aspects of your business. In this post, we take a look at the advantages your company can gain by working with a PEO.
abroad - featured image

Overseas Remote Working: Where and How to Work Abroad

The world may never fully return to what it was before 2020, but 2021 is already showing that there is light (and sun and sand) at the end of the tunnel. If you’re interested in working abroad, have we ever got some tips for you.

Employability: Qualifications Most Likely to Land You a Job

Almost all of us will have to take a job at some point. Still, not all degrees are equal when it comes to maximum employability.
Canadian loans - featured image

Canadian Loans: A Comparison of 5 Lenders

As a Canadian, you may have heard of institutions such as Mogo Finance, Fairstone Financial, Borrowell, EasyFinancial, and Cash 4 You. This article offers an in-depth review of each lender in order to save you time and frustration when you have an urgent financial need.
MBA Program - featured image

6 Tips for Excelling in an MBA Program

Whether your aim is to head into management positions in the business sector or launch your own startup, completing an MBA program is a great way to enhance your business knowledge. What's more, you will gain valuable skills and attributes that will set you up for a promising career.
conference room

Energize Your Conference Room by Design

Big ideas can happen in a conference room. However, this is rarely the case unless the right people are collaborating in the right environment. Here are a few suggestions about ways to make your conference room the dynamic environment it can be.
Decision to start a business - featured image

Making a Decision About What Business to Start

Nobody decides to start a business because they think it will fail. However, the statistics show that more than half of small businesses go under before they reach their fifth year. Therefore, it’s important to consider all the angles when you're making a decision to start a business.

Key Facts About U.S. Immigration Policies

The subject of immigration in the U.S. makes headlines almost weekly. What's more, if you're a business owner who hires immigrants in your business, you must stay on top of immigration law.
UK residential property

The Top 8 UK Residential Property Locations for Investors and Commuters

Property prices may have fallen during May 2018, but buying your own home is still a rock-solid investment. As a matter of fact, experts predict substantial price growth over the next five to 10 years. Therefore, whether you plan to buy your own residential property in the near future or you wish to invest for business purposes, you may be interested in discovering more about UK residential property.
own business

Do You Want to Start Your Own Business? Pros and Cons

Are you one of those people who will be satisfied with nothing less than owning your own business? Are you convinced that working on someone else's dreams is just not for you? However strongly you feel, it is important to look at both sides of the equation. We discuss both the pros and the cons of striking out on your own in this post.
virtual assistant

What Is a Virtual Assistant? And Do You Need One?

Your business is doing well. It's doing so well, in fact, that you have decided you need help. Maybe what you need, in fact, is a virtual assistant. Hiring a virtual assistant could free you to spend more time on your business. You might find that you enjoy the flexibility of having help available when you need it, without having to support a full-time salary when business is slow. 

Forex: How Do Foreign Currency Exchanges Affect Your Small Business?

Small businesses need to adopt a strategic approach to international payments because forex rates are inherently susceptible to a vast array of variables. Whether you are importing by purchasing raw materials from abroad or exporting your goods and services to foreign countries, foreign exchange rates are important to your small business.