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6 Need-to-Know Tips to Keep Your Company Safe From Hackers

Human error is one of the most common catalysts leading to cyber attacks. Employees tend to click on embedded emails, share their passwords and use unsecure networks because they don't understand the dangers. Here is quick article about cyber security that all employers should be teaching their employees

Advertising Franchise Has Its Future All Mapped Out

As a franchise, Discovery Map has never been more excited about its position in the world of local advertising.

Top Home Based Franchises

Many companies have the ability and know-how to thrive without an office or retail space, which is why some of them are considered among...

3D Printing: Get in While the Getting Is Good

Because 3D printing is still an emerging industry, the way that you choose to turn it into your own business is really entirely up to you.

Opportunities in Sand: Today’s Business Ideas in the News

Though the supply might seem endless, sand is a finite resource like any other. The worldwide construction boom of recent years is devouring unprecedented quantities; extracting it is a $70 billion industry.

The Most Important Element of Content Marketing That You Never Cared About

If you are an expert content marketer, you might be already doing a lot of things right like creating good quality content. However, most...

Today’s Business Idea in the News: Teens Don’t Drive

Why aren't teens getting their drivers' licenses, and how you can profit from this trend, in today's Business Ideas in the News.

Fall of the Banner Ad: The Monster That Swallowed the Web

Twenty years ago last month, a team of well-meaning designers, coders and magazine publishers inadvertently unleashed on an unsuspecting world one of the most misguided and destructive technologies of the Internet age: the web banner ad.

802 Most Common Small Businesses in the United States

A reader needed a couple new business ideas for his small town. Dane came through in droves.

Long-Distance Bedtime Stories

Long-distance relationships are difficult enough to maintain among adults, but when young kids are involved, the chances of achieving a meaningful conversation from afar...

Niche Biz: Free Textbooks

MIT Technology Review: Ask Ariel Diaz why he’s taking on the college textbook industry and he’ll tell you, “Quaternions.” Quaternions...

Niche: Webcam Bedtime Stories

There are many reasons why a loved one may not be nearby to read a bedtime story to a child, but one company is...

Soon You’ll Be Able to Swap Digitial Goods

How much are used ebooks worth? The NY Times predicts that soon the price will approach a penny, just as soon as Amazon...

Community Newsletters For Mom By Mom

Have you ever wondered what new, fun activities are happening in your neighborhood that your kids would enjoy? Or do you know what...

Used Books: A Great Business Opportunity

Used books don't go away once they've been read once. They stick around for a long, long time and can make you lots of money.

Badpreneuer: How One Guy Failed 10 Times

If you think you’ve had your fair share of failures and bad luck in life then think again as you meet Simon Jameson -...

Books Turning To Movie Trailers to Sell More

LA Times: In a sewer beneath Las Vegas, a lethal vixen named Abigail is locked in a mortal struggle an outlaw cowboy with...

Business Opportunities in Low Test Scores

Edweek: If...

A Bookstore That Only Sells One Book

At a small bookstore in New York City, if you’ve seen one book, you’ve seen them all, because the shop only sells one book,...

Out of Work Techie? Write a Sci-Fi Novel

Computer engineers and computer scientists have been one of the hardest hit professions in this economic slump. For all their technical prowess, their jobless...