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impact investing

The Growing Power of Impact Investing

Amid bleak reports about the future of our planet, more and more people are looking at how they can do their bit to help build a more sustainable future. Impact investing provides one way.
personal potential

Achieve Personal Potential While Solving Society’s Ills

Many entrepreneurs have planned their businesses so as to solve social issues while fulfilling their personal potential. Let us inspire you with the following examples so you can explore similar possibilities.

The 5 Best Franchises to Get Involved With in 2015

Might this be the year that you open your own gym? Or how about joining the food biz?

Meet Michael Phillips: Founder of Coconut’s Fish Cafe

Michael Phillips was a successful restaurant entrepreneur before "retiring" to start Coconut's Fish Cafe in Hawaii.

Meet Dog Guy Josh and the Dog Clicker Plus

Josh Pitts invented the Clicker Ring, and successfully raised startup capital on Indiegogo to bring this dog clicker life. Read our interview.

Why Do Patents Cause More Harm Than Good?

techdirt: Nearly all of the economic evidence shows that patents tend to do more harm than good. Researchers James Bessen and Michael J. Meurer have...

New Legal Protections For Social Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs who want to put principles before profits–even after their companies go public–may soon have the legal cover to do just that, reports BusinessWeek. On...

New Book Offers Secrets to Teaching Youth How to Be Ethical Leaders

Frustrated with society's lack of true leaders, long-time Twin Cities, Minnesota, business executive John Amann has co-authored MacAdemia Nuts, a new children's book that...

Trash To Treasure For Kids

According to the B'more Green blog, PBS is looking for creative kids and young inventors ages 5-19 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth...

10 Consumer Trends For 2010

Trendwatching.com has put together a list of 10 consumer trends for the new year. Business As Usual Forget the recession: the societal...

Why Newspapers Are Failing

photo credit: Matt Callow Bill Wyman: The problem of the daily press in the U.S. is exclusively this: the collapse of its business model....

Get On Oprah’s Radar

Inc.: Everyone knows the power of Oprah. Her following and influence make her the number one target of publicists, brand managers, and marketers alike. Her...