Custom Jeans from 3D Body Scans

Fitted Fashion is using 3D body scanners and fancy software to develop custom blue jeans: The scans, says cofounder and recent Harvard Business School graduate Jamal Motlagh, helps Fitted Fashion derive a precise set of individual body measurements that he and his team can then use to make perfectly fitted clothing. “Self or tailor-made measurements […]

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2D Glasses!

Does your spouse love to watch 3D movies at the movie theater? Do they give you a headache? Hank Green loves 3D movies. Unfortunately, his wife does not. In fact, she’d get a headache each time they went. He didn’t want his wife to be in pain, but he also didn’t want to give up

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Niche Inventions: 3D Sound

Technology allows us to see in 3D, why not hear that way too? Joe Hayes is working on a unique set of speakers that make it possible for people interested in listening to things in 3D. Twenty-one years and 8000 hours of work later, his part-time project has finally developed into a fledging business in

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3D Aerial Panoramas

AirPano is a noncommercial project focused on high resolution 3D aerial panoramas. The AirPano team is made up of Russian photographers who shoot aerial panoramas from helicopters, light jets, air balloons and radio-controlled helicopter models. This is an amazing idea, and someone needs to do it for profit!

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Google Maps Going 3D

Soon you will be able to search through a city using an aerial view. That search will be in 3D if you’re using Google Maps, reports CNet. Both Google and Apple now have technology to create 3D maps that include buildings. Neither has rolled the product out yet. Today at Google’s San Francisco office, we

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