Next Little Thing: Fish Food

Andrew Logan has what every manufacturer craves: an endless source of free raw materials that his suppliers can’t wait to dump and a market starving for his product, reports Fortune Small Business. Logan, a biologist in Idaho Springs, Colo., turns waste from breweries into a fish-food ingredient. His company, Oberon FMR, spent a decade refining

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Grower Finds Tasty Niche

Jimmy Berke checks on trays of bright red tomatoes drying in a specially equipped 90-degree solar room that includes dehumidifiers and fans, reports The Palm Beach Post. He’s pleased to see they’re coming along, soon to be on their way to customers who love the sun-dried products his business Leechango Plantation at Turtle Creek produces.

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Is Your Honey Funny?

You might call them the Honey Police – beekeepers and honey producers ready to comb through North Carolina to nab unscrupulous sellers of sweet-but-bogus “funny honey,” reports The Associated Press. North Carolina is the latest state to create a standard that defines “pure honey” in a bid to curb the sale of products that have

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Entrepreneurial Worm Farming

Mother Nature Network has an interesting interview with worm wrangler Bentley Christie of RedWormComposting. Bentley Christie is a blogger, entrepreneur and composting worm guru. The father of two lives with his wife, children, two cats and “a bazillion” red wiggler worms in Ontario, Canada, where he spends his time running his business Red Worm Composting,

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Etrogs: Growing $150 Fruit

If you think farmers only grow things like apples, and oranges and peaches, you have no idea. Tablet Magazine (A New Read on Jewish Life) has up an interesting article about a farmer in California central valley — not far from me — who grows etrogs. An etrog is a yellow citron used by Jews

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Niche Biz: Edible Walls Mario Batali decided last year to install a garden between his adjoining West Hollywood restaurants, Osteria Mozza and Pizzeria Mozza. But a plain old backyard patch wouldn’t do. Batali wanted something more visually striking, something more … vertical? So he turned to Jim Mumford, the owner of Good Earth Plant and Flower Company in

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