Niche Biz: Investment-Grade Scotch

If people are willing to counterfeit, people are willing to pay: The best sign the market is getting hotter? Counterfeiters. There are whispers of scoundrels moving between high-end bars and hotels, collecting fancy bottles and filling them with younger product, or even tea, with the hopes of selling off the result to hapless investors. But […]

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Non Alcoholic Whisky?

Arkay is the world’s first non-alcoholic whisky. Do people really want the taste of whisky without the alcohol? Am I missing something? Is there really a market for something like this? ArKay, the world`s first alcohol free whisky flavored drink is designed for the socialite to the construction worker. The exceptional taste of whisky without

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Niche Biz: Alcoholic Cider

It may not be as large as the beer market in the US, but there is still some money to be made. Just ask Jake Schiffer, the founder of Leprechaun Cider Company, reports San Antonio Express-News Leprechaun Golden Cider hit the Houston market in March, but only on draft. In mid-September, 22-ounce bottles of the

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USPS Wants to Do Your Beer Run

CNBC: Oh, the beer run. That time-honored tradition of hopping in the car and heading to the local liquor establishment to replenish your supply of alcohol. Could it soon be a thing of the past? It just might, at least that is what U.S. Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe is hoping for. He recently pitched the

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