NYC’s Doggie Playground

People love their pets, making the pet industry a million dollar business. That why a business like Playground Pups fits so well in New York City. Gail Nord was determined to launch a business in an industry she was passionate about. Without the help of the government or bank loans, she went out and started

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You Can Eat Camels, Too

photo credit: Veyis Polat Here’s another camel business idea: This time, they’re being used for meat in Australia. Business owners and environmentalists in Australia are promoting camels as a source of meat to battle an explosion of the country’s camel population. The Daily Telegraph said Tuesday that environmentalists support the stance of business owners like

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Hug An Alligator Business

Gator Man Mike in Naples, Florida has started a business letting people hug his pet alligator for $5. The five-year-old alligator, Baby Bobby, weighs about 35 pounds and apparently loves being cuddled. The alligator wears a muzzle on his head and according to the Gator Man Mike, the gator loves the hugs: “They’re smarter than

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Hospice Service for Pets

A Connecticut woman has started a mobile hospice service for pets the The Stamford Times reports: For pet owners, saying goodbye is one of the hardest things to do, but Stamford resident Mary Craig says her new mobile veterinary hospice service makes saying farewell a bit easier. “I have heard from many pet owners that

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False Teeth for Cats?

photo credit: emifaulk A group of Sheffield College (UK) students have developed the false teeth for cats. Seventeen-year-old Rachel Gilbert is one of eight animal care students who have come with help for unfortunate felines who have to have their damaged gnashers removed. Rachel is competing on Monday at her own Castle College in the

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