Drive Legally And Earn Money

PSFK reports that the Speed Camera Lottery, in addition to photographing speed violators and issuing tickets, would also capture those vehicles that are driving within limits and enter them in a lottery to get a chance to win money from the revenue which was generated from speeding tickets. The idea was tested with great success

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A Freeway System In Miniature

In 2006 artist Chris Burden and a team of eight studio assistants, including an engineer, began “Metropolis II.” It includes 1,200 custom-designed cars and 18 lanes; 13 toy trains and tracks; and, dotting the landscape, buildings made of wood block, tiles, Legos and Lincoln Logs. The crew is still at work on the installation. In

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Baddest Barterer On The Block

Seventeen-year-old Steven Ortiz is fairly sure he is the only student at Charter Oak High School who drives a convertible Porsche to school. Steven started with an old cell phone and eventually traded up to his impressive ride. It didn’t happen overnight, but with the help of the Craigslist website and a lot of patience,

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Super Car Wash

According to BBC News, Gurcharn Sahota works on some of the world’s fastest cars at his workshop just outside Derby. But if you’re used to spending £5 on getting the car cleaned at the local garage, forget it. Gurcharn says he uses painstaking cleaning methods to make £1 million supercars look almost better than new.

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Flying Car Goes into Production

The Terrafugia Transition, a light aircraft that looks like a Volkswagen Beetle and can convert into a road-legal automobile, is to go into production after being given a special weight exemption by the US Federal Aviation Administration. The car/plane will be available for $194,000. The press release is available after the jump.

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It All Started With A Cellphone…

In 2003, Tom Stemple had the sort of struck-by-lightning moment every entrepreneur dreams about–on steroids. Stemple’s brother had taken his wife’s cell phone to work by mistake, reports Entrepreneur. Drowning in a sea of drab black and silver cell phones hardly distinguishable from one another, Stemple decided there had to be a better way to

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