Cruising With The WENG

In a matter of weeks, Stanford University graduate students have built an electric car they hope will make daily travel more environmentally friendly, efficient, and fun. The WENG–”Where Everyone Needs to Go”–is built for short-range, low-speed drives and may soon be the cool new way to cruise the neighborhood–and possibly the antidote to the fully […]

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James Bond Car For Sale

For sale: one Aston Martin Silver Birch DB5s. It’s not the most fuel efficient car available, but it does have a revolving license plate, a tire slasher, twin machine guns, rear oil sprayer, smoke screen, nail disperser, radar, retractable bullet-proof screen, and a passenger ejector seat. Oh yeah, and it’s had only one previous owner:

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Not Your Father’s Taco Trucks

A new generation of taco trucks no longer caters to hungry workers at construction sites. Instead, these food-laden vehicles bring gourmet food to customers as their owners roll out this mobile concept rather than set up a storefront and wait for clients to come to them, reports The Houston Business Journal. Julia Sharaby, chef and

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Cool Idea: IntraGo

Reader’s Digest reports the forecast from Dan Sturges, chairman of IntraGo, a transportation-solutions company in Boulder, Colorado: “Fifty percent of Americans can’t access public transit without a car now, but the average car is driven only one hour per day. Soon you’ll drive yourself to the train station, and someone else will pick up the

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Speeding Tickets From Space

Say it ain’t so. Drivers in the United Kingdom had better stay under the speed limit, because the traffic authorities are watching… from outer spaaaaaace. According to The Telegraph, an American company called PIPS Technology has developed a system that uses two cameras on the ground and one satellite in orbit to catch speeders. The

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