Niche Idea: The Feedaway

Trendspotter Springwise reports that there’ s a new kid on the flat-pack furniture block, offering a portable high chair solution. Made from recycled cardboard, the Feedaway from Melbourne-based Belkiz is an easy-to-assemble, lightweight version of the traditional feeding chair. It’s designed to be used away from home, wherever baby or toddler feeding chairs aren’t available,

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Superfoods For Babies

ABC7News: Satisfying taste and nutrition can be a tough job for many new moms. Add to that a desire to keep food choices pure and organic and it can pose an even greater challenge. One Chicago-area mom is now turning this balancing act into a thriving ‘green’ business. The St. Francis Church Moms and Tots

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Mom Invents For Other Moms

The phrase “necessity is the mother of invention” is especially true in the case of Rose Marie Iskowitz. A one-time marketing and sales representative, Iskowitz had just given birth to her second child when the idea for a specially designed diaper changing station dubbed the Dipe N’ Go began to take shape, reports Since

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