Baby Boomers

SBA Seeking Older Entrepreneurs

Orlando Sentinel: The U.S. Small Business Administration and AARP are reaching out to a new group of potential business owners that they call “encore entrepreneurs” — those who are older than 50 and want to start or expand a small business. The federal agency and the age-50-plus organization have formed an alliance to provide counseling […]

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Success As A Chimney Sweep

Often the image of a chimney sweeper brings about thoughts of years long passed. However, this is a business that still has some demand. Not everyone has retired their fireplace yet, and Sally McKnight is there to keep them clean, reports SFGate. Sally has lived a very full life. However, in the 80’s she found

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Entrepreneurial Retiree’s

Don’t pick up your fishing pole yet. Just because you reach that golden number that signals retirement does not mean you should stop working. A recent story from USA Today reflects on the benefits that can be enjoyed by starting a business during those later years. The future is always bright for entrepreneurs. People who

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Seniors Love The iPad

BusinessWeek reports that Hikosaburo Yasuda of Nakano, Japan, plans to buy an iPad to keep up with junior members in his computer club. “It’s important to always try new things, otherwise you get left behind,” he says. Yasuda is 95 years old. He and his peers, looking for easier ways to browse the Web and

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