Short On Cash? asks, short on cash? Join the new old economy and swap. There’s no recession in barter,” said Debbie Lombardi as she navigated the crowd at the Barter Business Unlimited’s Annual Business & Holiday Barter Show, in Bristol, Conn. More than 1,000 people affiliated with 100 vendors of all kinds packed into a hotel event […]

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8 Cities That Want Your Biz!

From mega tax breaks to innovative business incubators, CNNMoney reports these places offer compelling incentives to would-be entrepreneurs. 1. Pittsburgh 2. Miami 3. Menlo Park, Calif. 4. Arlington, Va. 5. Chattanooga, Tenn. 6. Littleton, Colo. 7. Ventura, Calif. 8. Gahanna, Ohio Photo by Wikipedia.

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Bartering Art For Health Care

According to Businessweek, 70 musicians and artists bartered their creative services for medical care at an event called the O+ Festival. “It was kind of an amazing thing to sit down with a regular doctor,” he says. “Doctors are humans, it turns out. They enjoy rock music and art.” A group of artists and physicians

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Be A Job Prize Hunter

Jobprize allows job seekers to offer a “prize” to in-the-know employees to refer them to and help them land a job, reports Anyone can go to the website and post a profile about his or her background. What makes this different from other job search sites? Job seekers pay a prize to employees in

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Baddest Barterer On The Block

Seventeen-year-old Steven Ortiz is fairly sure he is the only student at Charter Oak High School who drives a convertible Porsche to school. Steven started with an old cell phone and eventually traded up to his impressive ride. It didn’t happen overnight, but with the help of the Craigslist website and a lot of patience,

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Two Cabbies Trade Cabs

To stand out, sometimes all it takes is a little trade. A cab driver in New York and a cab driver in London have traded cabs, the NY Times reports. The cabs stand out amongst their peers and didn’t really cost the drivers anything. Behind these cab-out-of-water foreign fleets is the relationship between two men

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Biz Poll Results: Barter?

CNNMoney: On Monday, we started a poll asking “In The Last Year, Have You Bartered For Products Or Services For Your Biz?” Of those readers responding, 67 percent said YES and 33 percent said NO to barter. Even in modern times, bartering remains a practical choice for small businesses. It’s a cash preservation tool, something

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Bartering is Back in Business

photo credit: ExperienceLA Bartering is no stranger to start-up businesses especially in the past, but today bartering is growing more and more with the recent recession. Businesses trade services and products with another business to help both of them maintain their cash flow. Businesses of all sizes are begining to use the barter system and

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