Top 30 Blogs for Business Ideas

A reader wrote: Can you recommend a few other blogs about business ideas that I should read? Our answer: Sure, and we will do you one better! Below are 30 blogs about business ideas and opportunities we know you will enjoy: They are sorted alphabetically below. Bits Blog – NY Times tech blog Business Model […]

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Other Business Blogs?

A reader wrote: Dane, can you recommend any other good blogs to read? Thanks for that suggestion. Instead of just posting a list in response to your questions, I’m going to start a short interview series with as many small biz bloggers as I can locate. If you’re one, contact me and I’ll profile you.

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Use Your Blog To Reach Customers

FDL Swanson, who operates Lemon Tree Photographers with her husband out of their Fond du Lac home, uses her blog to post photos and provide information for customers. She goes a step beyond with another blog, The Modern Tog, which she started to help new professional photography entrepreneurs. A pricing guide for photographers is

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The Hacker & Homemaker

LA Times: Meet Silicon Valley’s version of Martha Stewart. Stewart may have invented lifestyle branding, but Brit Morin is determined to give it a digital makeover. Morin, a 25-year-old former employee of Apple and Google, is launching a new lifestyle brand that she describes as a cross between Real Simple and Wired magazines. She says

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How To Win Over Your Bloggers

Open Forum: There are 130 million blogs on the Internet (according to Technorati), and 350 million people reading blogs daily (according to Comscore). Clearly, engaging with influential bloggers can be a real boon to your business, if you can win them over towards your brand and persuade them to evangelize your product. Rather than offering

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Mom’s Multi-Pronged Home Business

Missoulian: Home is where Nici Holt Cline nourishes her heart and her business, both of which seamlessly commingle in her busy life as a mother, entrepreneur, writer, designer of kids’ clothing and gardener. Other labels would also define this fourth-generation Montanan, among them, wife and risk taker. Flexible and imaginative, Cline, 32, quilts together an

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What Blogs Should You Read?

photo credit: Robert S. Donovan It’s not easy to know what is worth reading in social media these days. As technology makes it simpler and simpler to create content, the predictable problem this causes is that people who have no business creating content are doing it with abandon. Do any Google search that returns more

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