Spam Ebooks Clogging Amazon?

Is there a dark side to Amazon’s foray into self publishing? The Globe and Mail describes how spammers are clogging the environment: Thousands of digital books, called ebooks, are being published through Amazon’s self-publishing system each month. Many are not written in the traditional sense. Instead, they are built using something known as Private Label […]

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Books For Business Success

Not sure which books should be included in your business information library? The Christian Science Monitor has put together a short list of books that they feel every entrepreneur should have. What would you add to the list? The E-Myth and The E-Myth Revisited In a relatively short book, Gerber gives a realistic job preview

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Book: Don’t File A Patent

Should you or shouldn’t you? That is the question that crosses every inventors mind when they are ready to do something with their special idea. John D. Smith went through that process, just to have his patent rejected. That hasn’t stopped him, though. Besides bringing his product to market anyway, he went on to write

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Being A Mom, Inc.

The growing trend of moms becoming mompreneurs has been astounding. Amy Ballon and Danielle Botterell are two women that fall within this category. Like many women, they love their lives — no matter how crazy it can get. According to, Amy and Danielle have recently collaborated on a book that demonstrates the real ups

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Get Rich Click!

Marc Ostrofsky is a domain name investor who’s made millions of dollars buying and selling domain names. The most famous one he flipped was He bought it in the mid 1990s for $150,000 and sold it in 1999 for $7.5 million. In May, his new book Get Rich Click! will be available. It offers

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