Identifying A Good Biz Idea

There are several ways of finding business ideas. According to James Abola over at the Daily Monitor, his favorite source of business ideas is to start a business that addresses the frustrations of the customers. If you notice that so many people are getting frustrated by something then you could be on to a great […]

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Brainstorm Ideas With Idea Generator

Lifehack: Developed by creative consultancy The Director’s Bureau, The Idea Generator uses randomly-displayed words to help you generate ideas for your next creative project. The user interface of the Idea Generator is a marvel of elegance and simplicity, and it’s fun to use. Three concentric circles fill the screen, emblazoned with random words. Situated horizontally

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Is Your Great Idea A Real Biz?

Entrepreneurs constantly comb their brains and the world around them for new ideas. The trick often lies in figuring out whether a great idea actually has the potential to be a great business. According to Forbes, to sift out true business opportunities from the sand of merely bright ideas, would-be entrepreneurs can ask a series

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Idea Tool:

According to, the objective of the Edistorm website is to let people engage in brainstorming sessions over the WWW. This is achieved by applying sticky notes to the online equivalent to a boardroom wall. Such a process is made very simple by the use of colored sticky notes, and the presence of a series

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The Marshmallow Challenge

According to ReadWriteWeb it’s known as the marshmallow challenge. Small teams are given 18 minutes to build a free-standing structure made of dry spaghetti, one yard of string, one yard of tape and a marshmallow, which must be placed on top. The team wins by creating the tallest structure of all the groups participating. What

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