Mr. Peanut Speaks

WalletPop reports that Mr. Peanut, the iconic mascot of Planters peanuts, is ending 94 years of silence in a new commercial. Given stop-action life (and the voice of Robert Downey Jr.), Mr. Peanut hosts a memorable Christmas party in one ad and plays The Christmas Song on the rims of glasses in a companion follow […]

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Jumping On The Food Truck Wagon

Some restaurant chains are now experiencing a different kind of foot traffic, according to The Wall Street Journal. While the food truck trend has been around for a few years now, the article reports on the rise of recognizable restaurant chains using food trucks and vans to catch customers on-the-go. “A small but growing number

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Create The Best Brand Names

Kit Kat, Coca-Cola, Jelly Belly. Sure, they all taste great. But there’s something else at play that makes these brands so attractive: repetition. A study published recently in the Journal of Marketing found that brands with repetitively structured names favorably affect how consumers perceive and choose items and decide where to buy them. The study,

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