Wine About To Get More Expensive

California wine is about to get more expensive. Silicon Valley Bank, which provides the wine industry with commercial banking services, predicts the fine wine business will see sales growth of 7 to 11 percent this year amid a looming grape shortage. “I think the consumer for the past five years has been used to getting […]

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Gold Rush on For Meteorites!

Speaking of gold rushes, we’re having our own in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California right now. No, it’s not about gold, even though this was the location of the original California gold rush of 1849. No, this one is about meteorites. Say what? Here’s a story about the mom who found a tablespoon sized

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Niche Biz: Privatized DMV

CarTagz: Cartagz is licensed and bonded with the California Department of Motor Vehicle. We are officially authorized to perform a variety of DMV related transactions. Official CA DMV license stickers and registration cards are issued directly from our central office. Each month, thousands of Californian’s benefit from’s higher level of customer service and efficiency.

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Niche Biz: Custom Jeans

den.m bar is a custom blue jean shop in Los Angeles, California. They have turned jean buying into a premium customer experience with a user-friendly online shop that walks the customer through the process of creating their own pair of custom jeans from start to finish. Starting with fabric selection, customers can choose not only

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September Small Biz Sales Up

More small and mid-sized California businesses for sale found buyers last month than in any September over the past five years. The 1,232 deals closed in the just-completed month represent an increase of nearly 23% compared to the tally of 1,004 transactions during September 2011, according to the BizBen Index which collects and reports data

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