Virtual Event Cameras

YourDeerParkNews: If you’ve ever missed an event that you really wanted to attend but it was too far away or didn’t fit in your schedule, you’ll love this business idea by Deer Park resident Chris Watt. Watt founded Kuwa Kuna, a “virtual event cameras” service. “Kuwa kuna” is Swaheli for “be there” and that’s exactly […]

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Black Ops Plastic

Qwonn is a Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of covert CCD camera technology. They have developed a technology to create covert concealment devices out of a material that black & white cameras can see through, but the human eye cannot! This allows you to place a black and white camera inside of something that to the naked eye

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I’m Watching You!

I may not be watching you in a literal sense, but there is a new camera that can. A Czech inventor named Zdenek Kalal has created a unique surveillance system that can track a person while they are on the move, reports Inventor Spot. Kalal’s Predator smart camera is programmed with a learning strategy that

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Ol’ Blue ‘Eye’?

Launched last month by a California company with the same name, the Looxcie (pronounced “look-see”) is a wearable Bluetooth camcorder that lets users capture video of everything they see, reports trendspotter Springwise. The device fits comfortably over the ear, the company says, and points wherever the wearer looks. It’s always on, so the user needn’t

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