Making a Business Out of Cotton Candy

The Wicked Witch Cotton Candy Company sells cotton candy at everything from children’s parties to upscale weddings. The Bradenton Patch has more: Unlike processed cotton candy sold in chain stores, Wicked Witch Cotton Candy contains no preservatives and can be prepared with either kosher or organic ingredients. “We offer an array of fully customizable products,”

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A 26 Pound Gummy Bear!

What would you do with a 26-pound gummy bear? Imagine the shock of your party goers when they realize that your 32,000-calorie gummy bear also features an integrated one-liter serving bowl! Serve punches, candies, or even more gummy bears from within this seventeen-inch-long confection. The giant gummy bear sells for $149! More photos after the

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The Female Willy Wonka

If I was the beautiful child of a famous fashion designer, I’d imagine that I’d go into some kind of fashion related business. Not so with the daughter of Ralph Lauren. Dylan Lauren saw Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory at her 5th birthday and from that moment on she knew the direction her life

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Teenager Starts Candy Company

WSJ: Starting a new candy brand from scratch might seem ill-fated in an industry filled with iconic brands like M&Ms and Snickers. But that isn’t stopping Nicky Bronner. The home-schooled 15-year-old is out to build Unreal Brands Inc., a food business on a mission to “unjunk” snacks by creating products that contain only natural ingredients.

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Candy From Japan

When you are in a foreign culture, even simple things can be very interesting. Even grocery shopping. Candy Japan run by an Finish expat in Japan that is a subscription service where for a monthly fee you get a surprise envelope filled with random Japanese candy every two weeks. How It Works Every two weeks

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