How Skoda Turned Their Business Around By Targeting A New Audience

Anyone who grew up before the 2000s has probably heard their fair share of jokes about Skodas, and how prone they were to breakdowns. Anyone who grew up after the 2000s would probably raise an eyebrow at that. The company, which has a history in both bicycle repair and arms manufacturing, has performed one of the most dramatic turnarounds in quality and reputation in the history of the industry since it became a VW subsidiary and has become one of the most well reputed brands in the UK—a rival to the likes of Audi—to the point that the Skoda Yeti was rated the best car overall in 2013 by Auto Express.

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User to User Car Rentals

Springwise: FlightCar aims to put vehicles left in airport parking lots to use by offering them up for short-term loans. Where similar car-sharing companies aim to link owners with those requiring one-off loans, FlightCar takes advantage of the fact that most people driving to airports will be leaving the country for a fair amount of

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Encapsulating Your Car

The CarCapsule is a vinyl bubble that seals your vehicle completely away from dust, dirt, condensation, and other elements. A continuous ventilation system removes odors, eliminates condensation, reduces heat build up. Prices range from $269 for a motorcycle to $449 for a large truck.

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The City Car Of The Future

In the future, you won’t see full size vehicles driving the streets of NYC or San Francisco. You just might see William Lark Jr.’s CityCar instead, reports NewsOne. The cars, which are smaller than Smart Cars, are battery-electric, so they don’t cause tailpipe emissions. They also weigh less than a 1,000 pounds and are intended

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