Niche Biz: Smelly Postcards

Zhu Jingxuan, a student in China has created a device to capture the aroma of food on a postcard. The ‘food printer’ uses a camera to take the picture and a smell extractor to collect the aroma simultaneously, then prints a postcard with aroma ink. China Daily has the details: During a trip, when people

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Elderly Are Big Biz in China

NY Times: At the Happy Community housing development in Beijing, China’s largest property developer is setting aside 24,000 square meters for active seniors to test whether this rapidly aging nation will pay for Western-style retirement living. The company, China Vanke, thinks there is “ample room for development” in the senior care sector, a spokesman said,

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Panda Fertilized Tea

In China, in the heart of panda country, a resourceful business has created “panda poo tea”. There’s no actual excrement in the tea, instead, the green tea is grown on a farm fertilized exclusively with panda manure. The Telegraph has more: “I have started growing the tea on around three acres of land,” said Mr

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Chopsticks: Made in USA

Nearly everything today is “Made in China”; nearly everything that is, except for two million chopsticks that are made each day in Americus, Georgia at Georgia Chopsticks. Business is booming, and the company plans to increase production from 2 million to 10 million chopsticks per day. Video below. More info here and here.

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