Underwear For The Homeless

The Globe and Mail: It sounds like the setup to a bad joke: Two men drive a truck crammed full of skivvies across the country. But Got Ginch, Brent King’s cheeky charity campaign, isn’t just for laughs – it’s fulfilling a desperate need at homeless shelters coast to coast. A successful biomedical entrepreneur who invented

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ReInventing Boxer Shorts

The idea is similar to reinventing the mouse trap, except the concept has worked out well for Max Hernandez. The dual vent fly he created makes his boxers stand out from the crowd. According to the inventor, there have been no significant improvements in fly manufacturing in 80 years. “The functionality of the traditional fly

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Mom’s Shirt Business Raises Awareness For Multiple Sclerosis

MarketWatch: Eva & Estela Wear Ur Love is the entrepreneurial endeavor of Kristen Sitarski-Munoz of Williamstown, NJ. In 2010, Sitarski-Munoz and her husband Ryan faced the simultaneous struggle of job losses and Ryan’s diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Determined to overcome both challenges with courage and determination, Sitarski-Munoz created Eva & Estela Wear Ur Love, which

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Former Olympians Turned Entrepreneurs: Kristi Yamaguchi

BusinessNewsDaily: Ice skater Kristi Yamaguchi won the hearts of Americans during the 1992 Winter Olympics in Alberta, Canada. It was there that she won gold in the overall ladies’ singles competition. Following her Olympic stardom, Yamaguchi went on to found the Always Dream Foundation, which supports the lives of children through educational and recreational initiatives;

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Plus: Netflix for Baby Clothes

Before having her first baby Caroline O’Connor was sifting through piles of hand-me-downs and gifted baby clothes when ,in the excitement of pregnancy, she wondered who she’d be able to handle all of the stuff associated with babies. The mountains of quickly outgrown baby clothes were foremost on her mind when she quipped to her

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