iPhone Pants

StartupSmart: Designers who are sick of having to fish around for smartphones to send a text have created a pair of jeans with a see-through pocket. The Delta415 Wearcom Jeans, from San Francisco company Alphyn, allow the wearer to leave their phone in their pants while sending texts, surfing the net or playing Angry Birds.

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Animal Track Sandals for Kids

A Japanese company called Kiko is now offering wooden sandals called Ashiato for kids that leave animal tracks in the sand as they walk. The website is in Japanese, but here’s what I’ve been able to figure out via Google’s translate tool: Ashiato are children’s clogs with animal footprints. Shapes available include a cat, owl,

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Niche Biz: Kilts

Entrepreneur: In the beginning, there was the notion of just a single washable kilt. A loose, comfortable garment that, Steven Villegas says, “I could walk around naked in.” And because you couldn’t just go out and buy a man-skirt in those days, Villegas made one. And when he saw how nicely it fit him, he

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