Jeans Will Save H20

According to Fast Company, the jeans manufacturing process can be surprisingly water-intensive. Most jeans are washed in industrial washing machines between three to ten times during the finishing process–and that adds up. So when Levi’s went looking for ways to save water this past year, it focused on the finishing side of jeans manufacturing. And

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A Shoe For Every Dress

When we think of a womans closet there is one stereotype that seems to live on, women love clothes and they love shoes. While that might not hold true for all women it is safe to saw that there is nothing wrong with a little variety. It is through that love of variety that makes

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Niche Biz: Maternity Rentals

Why spend a fortune for a dress you only intend to wear for a few months while you’re pregnant? Rather than buy and hang onto various dresses or maternity outfits one website has pregnant women considering rentals instead reports It’s rare that most women of normal-size get more than a few wears out of

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