Niche Biz: Free Textbooks

MIT Technology Review: Ask Ariel Diaz why he’s taking on the college textbook industry and he’ll tell you, “Quaternions.” Quaternions are a number system used for calculating three-dimensional motion, popular in computer graphics. And Diaz needed a crash course to help him with a consulting gig after his online video platform startup, Youcastr, had failed. […]

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When The Folks Give You The Biz

Watching fellow college students working for $7.50 an hour after graduation, Tana Walther, a fashion-design major at Kent State University in Ohio, snapped up an alternative offered by her father–to run a Pita Pit restaurant franchise he would buy. “I guess I bought her a job,” says her father, Jan Walther, of North Canton, Ohio.

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Niche Biz: Mom Type Services

Iowa City Press-Citizen: With thousands of students returning to Iowa City for another semester of classes, one new business aims to help those students as they leave home and their parents. Your Campus Mom LLC, owned by Leslie O’Hare, will lend a helping hand through the sometimes rough transition to college life. She said her

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The Click-It To Fortune

Alex Broches originally launched College Junkee as a way to connect Northern Illinois University students. A year later, he has rebranded his website. He now helps students connect with each other for dates. This recent change will allow him to grow his business in a big way, reports The Beacon-News. “It’s fast and easy,” said

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