What Happens When You Give Whiz Kids $100K To Quit College, Start Business?

Fast Company: They’re all getting two years of mentoring from a network of tech and entrepreneurial experts and $100,000 to start a business. The benefactor? PayPal founder, early Facebook investor, and Stanford’s least favorite alumnus, Peter Thiel. Least favorite because Thiel has been making waves by arguing that college is an overhyped, overpriced bubble, and

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Koofers Makes College Easier

College just got a little easier. I said, a little. But sometimes a little goes a long way. is a college-sharing website that enables students to share class notes and professor ratings, find the cheapest textbooks and even create their ideal schedule. calls it simplified sharing. The company launched on Virginia Tech’s campus

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The Underage Entrepreneur

What do you do on Saturday night if you’re away at college and under 21? Visiting a local club is probably not an option. Jack Donnelly was faced with that problem. He wasn’t yet 21, so he couldn’t visit the local hotspots when Friday or Saturday night rolled around. Unfortunately, there weren’t any alternatives near

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New Invention Sure To Stick

According to the Gazette-Times, Kaichang Li, a professor of wood science at Oregon State University, receives a dozen calls each day from businesses interested in his laboratory’s latest invention: an inexpensive adhesive made of natural materials. He said they’re interested in the adhesive’s use of simple, reusable ingredients, including vegetable oil, which keeps costs down.

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