Hello Rewind

Todd Smith, Jess Lin, and Greg Wong, partners at a design firm in New York, started Hello Rewind in February to help victims of sex trafficking in New York. Bloomberg Businessweek reports that the company makes custom sleeves for laptops out of old t-shirts, but its underlying mission is to help sex trafficking victims prepare […]

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Going Local

photo credit: kevindooley When comedian Steve Martin declared, “Let’s get small,” he could have been coining today’s consumer mantra. Across the nation, shoppers are shifting their purchases to small and local businesses. One great way to go local with your business is by doing the three goodness rules. Do good for yourself obviously because

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The Demise Of Baby-Sitters?

If these California parents have their way, paying for a babysitter may soon be a thing of the past. As the Contra Costa Times explains, the rise of babysitting co-ops could mean your kid with the entrepreneurial streak needs to consider another after-school business. With three children younger than 6, date night could’ve easily run

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Get The Most Out Of Your Blog

photo credit: purplelime Seems like blogs have kind of made it into the main and don’t get talked about as hot social media plays, but in my mind, a web hub of education based information, easily created and housed on a blog, is the ultimate social media foundation element and probably the key to success

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