Think Like a Consultant

photo credit: Marcin Wichary Today there are many businesses big and small who are in need of some advice and help in several different sectors of their company. Most of these businesses go on to spend money they really don’t have in order to hire a consultant to come in and fix their business. Today […]

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Wine Tastings At Home

If you love wine then there is a good chance that you’ll love Wine Shop At Home, a direct sales company that specializes in a variety of wines and wine tastings. Elizabeth Moore loves good wine and often found herself hosting a wine tasting or being the guest of one. With a little urging from

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Reaching Out To Entreprenettes

What is an entreprenette? It describes the founder of a company with the same name, Sarah Shaw. As a successful woman in business, she helps fellow entrepreneurs get their own products to market. Before becoming an entreprenette, she created her own handbag line, reports Forbes. Sum up what the Entreprenette does in a brief summary

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The Baby Whisperer

Vonda Dennis’ clients like to joke that she carries magic pixie dust in her pockets. After all, how else could a crying baby settle so quickly for her? According to the Los Angeles Times, Vonda says that what she does isn’t so much magic but common sense. “Most of what I tell my clients sounds

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Niche Biz: LeadDog Consulting

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you can’t sell to the world’s biggest customer — Uncle Sam, reports Jim Anderson has digitally mapped over 100 countries from his home office nestled in the hills of Anchorage, Alaska, which he describes as the crossroads of the grizzly and black bear populations. Founded in

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