Habits Of Successful Twitter Users

photo credit: respres Incorporate these traits, or habits, into your twittering and you’ll be sure to be a more popular Twitterer. For an all around better time Tweeting, be quick to follow users exhibiting these traits! Small Biz Bee suggests promoting other users more than you promote yourself on Twitter. By promoting people other than […]

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Locating Great Blog Topics

photo credit: bfick Once you create your blog, you’ve created the need to have not only content, but interesting content, several times a week. You want to find subjects that will keep your customers interested, make them want to interact with you, and that will also help them learn a little bit about what your

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Make Your Copy Bulletproof

photo credit: uberzombie Whether you are writing a simple article, a cornerstone blog post, or a landing page designed to breathe life into your budding dreams, there might be nothing more important than the care you give to crafting your argument. CopyBlogger recently posted a very interesting article regarding how to make sure your copy

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Internet Marketing Checklist

photo credit: sunshinecity If you run your own small business, you most likely already have a website and if not, then that is one of the top priorities that should be on your list. However, running the website can be challenging for some, especially those who are new to the computer technology and don’t know

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Must Have Business Blogs

photo credit: Misterteacher If you rely on blogging as part of your marketing strategy, then there are a few must have blogs that you should be including on your business website immediately as suggested in an article on ●Come up with an insightful question for your readers/customers to answer by posting their comments. ●Write a

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How to Gain More Publicity

photo credit: h.koppdelaney In business everyone is always looking for new and better ways to gain as much publicity as they can, generate as much traffic and attention to their business in a short amount of time. On of the biggest secret weapons to gaining more publicity is something that people rarely think about since

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