Legal Way to Print Money

The Sacramento Bee says there is a legal way to print money: start typing in a skinnier font. Narrower fonts require less ink, which means you’ll have to replace your pricey ink cartridges less often. Administrators at the University of Wisconsin recently switched the school’s email system to Century Gothic, a move that is expected […]

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Save By Skipping Christmas

Forbes has an interesting story about how much money you would save if you skipped Christmas. The single biggest category of Christmas spending is gifts. This year the National Retail Federation projects that spending on gifts will drop only slightly, after a dramatic decrease of over 30% during the 2008 holiday season. According to the

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Metering Internet Use

Add the Internet to the list of metered services you receive says The Wall Street Journal. Some service providers are contemplating stepping back in time to the days of AOL when you paid for the time you used on the Internet, instead of paying a flat fee constant for broadband access. The Journal says the

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