That’s Called ChalkBot

If you’re one of the surprisingly large number of Americans who follow the Tour de France every summer, you may have noticed massive, gorgeous printed messages on the route roads, reports Fast Company. Nope, they’re not paint–they’re made of chalk, and they’re sprayed on the road surface by ChalkBot, a massive trailer-mounted inkjet printer sponsored

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Corny Idea Draws Interest

Sitting in a duck blind gives hunters a lot of time to be inventive, especially if the birds are landing somewhere else writes The Omaha World Herald. Camouflage-clad Mark Andersen was hunting ducks and Canada geese near Pierre, S.D. He was freezing. Shooting was slow. He stood to peer out of the blind. “I looked

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The Business Of Bronze

Chances are that you’ve seen someone, somewhere with a bronzed pair of ‘baby’s first shoes’. For many bronzing is synonymous with childhood. Many people have gone out of their way to have the objects that their children loved bronzed so it can be remembered forever. That’s not all that can be bronzed, though. Just ask

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Brainstorm Ideas With Idea Generator

Lifehack: Developed by creative consultancy The Director’s Bureau, The Idea Generator uses randomly-displayed words to help you generate ideas for your next creative project. The user interface of the Idea Generator is a marvel of elegance and simplicity, and it’s fun to use. Three concentric circles fill the screen, emblazoned with random words. Situated horizontally

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