Old Timey Con-Artistry

Their techniques may have changed a little, but the general principles of the con atrist remain the same as they were when this article from a 1930s issue of Popular Mechanics: Recently a middle-aged man walked up to the teller’s window in a small mid-western bank and asked to be given a fifty dollar bill

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Hitman Failure:

The Las Vegas Sun has the story of a would-be-hitman who did what ever self-respecting entrepreneur does first after starting a business: he setup a website. His website We all nurse private ambitions. Essam Ahmed Eid, a 53-year-old Egyptian man living in Vegas and dealing poker at the Bellagio, dreamed of becoming a hit

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Profiting From WikiLeaks

In less than a year, WikiLeaks has released hundreds of thousands of classified documents while its frontman Julian Assange became embattled in a sex scandal, was arrested, and faced extradition from Sweden. The site’s secret-document dumps have spawned contentious political debates, international nail-biting, and near-daily headlines. According to, all that buzz has been a

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Colorado Warns Bizs Of Theft Scam

Colorado’s Secretary of State and other officials are warning the state’s 800,000 or so registered businesses to watch out for scammers who have been forging business identities to make fraudulent purchases from several big-box retailers in recent months, reports PC World. The corporate identity thefts itself were possible because of what appears to have been

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Their Biz Is Cleaning Up

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Dan Reynolds didn’t set out to become an entrepreneur. Instead, the full-time firefighter and former commercial truck salesman from suburban Chicago wanted to hire on with a big crime-scene cleanup company. But when he was treated rudely during his interview in early 2007, he vowed to found his own company as

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