Marketing Nirvana

Just imagine what business would be like if you had all the customers you could ever need. The stress that comes at the end of the month when you have to meet your bills would be gone. You would be left to focus on what you love about your business. suggested that entrepreneurs stop […]

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Customer Surveys Can Hurt Biz

Though designed to enhance customer experiences, post-service customer surveys might actually harm a business’s relationships with consumers, reports Companies that use immediate follow-up customer surveys or multiple follow-up surveys may open themselves to negative consequences, a new study finds. Customers who were satisfied with the specific service they received may jump to the conclusion

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Haul Videos

According to ABC-TV News a new phenomenon called “haul videos” means teens can show off their purchases to the whole world. There are more than 110,000 haul videos currently on YouTube, and some videos are racking up tens of millions of views. Hauls are short product review videos. The “vlogger,” or video blogger, shows off

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Online Shoppers Want One Thing This Holiday Season

According to Website Magazine, e-commerce merchants who are still unsure of what consumers want this holiday season can direct their efforts toward providing user reviews, security verification and fair pricing. In a word, 2010 holiday shoppers are looking for online retailers they can trust. That was the fundamental message from ChannelAdvisor’s 2010 Consumer Shopping Habits

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Wi-Fi Off The Menu

It’s hard to imagine a scenario in which a business takes away a perk to increase sales, but many independent coffee houses have decided to stop offering free Wi-Fi, at least during certain days and hours, The Los Angeles Times reports. Although these coffee shops were some of the first retail businesses to offer free

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How To Get More Referrals

Many businesses enjoy receiving referrals, but feel they come by mixing good work with chance mentions from satisfied customers. Certainly, many referrals happen this way, but if you understand the realities of referrals listed below you might rethink your approach to referral generation, with an eye on taking a more proactive view of the process.

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