Website Magazine takes a look at one of the most creative uses of Twitter we’ve seen yet, and how it landed 300,000 visitors onto the site of online footwear retailer in less than two hours. SuperShoes recently held the first-ever known games of Twitterbingo to promote its new Drag & Share feature, which it […]

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Learn From Lost Sales

By building win-loss analysis into your sales tracking process, you can learn important lessons about your sales force, your value proposition, and your key competitors, reports Consider putting together a questionnaire for clients and would-be clients to discover in which categories your company excells and in which it falls short. But don’t ask reps

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Retaining Your Customers

photo credit: citta-vita We all love to get new customers…it’s not only great for business, it’s great for future business. A happy and satisfied customer is a customer that comes back – and that puts you in the business of reordering rather than the business of selling, which is where we all want to

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Are You A ‘Returnaholic’?

According to WalletPop, if you’ve noticed that returning items to stores isn’t as easy as it used to be, rest assured: It isn’t just you. Thanks to a growing number of people who are returning items they’ve used or never bought in the first place, retailers have been employing a variety of new techniques to

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Impulse Shopping

Have you ever added a pack of gum to your cart while waiting to check out at the grocery store? lf so, you’ve been a victim of impulse shopping. Unplanned purchases not only help drive the economy, but also put shoppers in a better mood by relieving negative emotions such as stress and anger. So

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How To Get Great Testimonials

The Toiletpaper Entrepreneur has discovered a little used trick that makes the process of getting great testimonials real easy, and it employs a strategy called instant reciprocity. I’ll share the exact method in just a second, but first you have to remember the basics to great feedback… take excellent care of your customer. I mean,

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