Asking For Your Customers Help

photo credit: helgasms! Try this: Ask your customers to write a review. Tell them it’s important before the holidays. Don’t give an incentive, just ask them to do it. They’ll do it! In business we know that our customers and clients are the number one thing that will make us succeed. They will ultimately

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Getting More Referrals

photo credit: *Zara If you’re doing good work, have products that people enjoy, and provide a service and experience that exceeds expectation, chances are, your business is benefiting from word of mouth referrals. While this occasional lead generation windfall may be great, there are things you can do to shine a light on referral generation

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How To Market With True Meaning

photo credit: Tracy Hunter Proof is In the Results. What’s the ROI for marketing with meaning? Ask Tara-Nicholle Nelson, an Oakland, Calif., real estate broker and founder and Chief Visionary of {RE}Think Real Estate. Nelson projects the $75,000 she invested in positioning herself as an expert–empowering women to buy their own homes–to yield $1 million

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Biz Tool: Free Online CRM

If you run a small business and cannot afford CRM tools like Salesforce , has a review of Timetonote. While it doesn’t boast of the advanced tools which paid solutions like Salesforce and Zoho offer, for a 100% free service it isn’t bad at all. You can track leads, communication and conversations with customers

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Celebrate Your Customers

Mark Stevens at Entrepreneur magazine says instead of saying ‘thank you,’ show customers some real appreciation by giving them your time. You may be confusing the idea of celebrating your customers with fawning over them. But I have something else in mind. Something like actually paying attention to them: caring, thinking, dreaming and wondering enough

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