Niche Biz: Online Dating Coach

Trendspotter Springwise reports that New York-based eFlirt Expert is a company that strives to help singles market themselves well online and then successfully navigate the transition into the real world. Recognizing that success in online dating is initially a matter of putting one’s best self forward on the web, eFlirt Expert begins by helping clients

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Abstinence Dating Website

Christian Post: A new dating website is offering people who practice abstinence a space to find others who share the same value. Lety and Jose Colin, who said abstinence helped them have a successful marriage, founded to encourage and support people who made the decision to abstain from sex before marriage. In a world

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Outsourcing Online Dating

For some entrepreneurs, love doesn’t look like a heart. Instead, it looks like dollar signs. Washington Post: Max Hartshorn has pretty much mastered online dating. It took awhile, but the 24-year-old now knows exactly what kind of message to send to pique a woman’s interest. The Montreal research assistant will come home from work, sit

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Niche Biz: Dating for Gardeners (Cultivate a Date) is a dating website for people with a shared interest in gardening, horticulture, botany, and the environment. From the site: The newest and freshest way of finding people with a common interest in the world of flowers — in its widest connotation, anything botanical whether it be as basic as having

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Cyber Cyrano

Meet Matt Prager, a 42-year-old, Princeton-trained therapist who works as an “online dating facilitator” on the side. Think of him as the modern-day cyber-Cyrano: Just as the famous French poet took to his quill and parchment to woo Roxane on behalf of another, Prager hides behind the anonymity of his computer screen, seducing unsuspecting online

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