Creative Coffins: Go Out in Style

A UK company called Creative Coffins allows customers to create their own personalized coffins. The coffins are made from 60% recycled paper combined with wood pulp. More from their website: Environmentally sympathetic, our cartonboard coffins are suitable for both burial and cremation. We have a large range of pre-designed coffins that are available through your […]

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Grave Groomers

As Daniel Felkins’ grandmother approached the age of 90, she realized that she needed help doing things she had once done herself. One of these important things was caring for and maintaining her late husband’s gravesite. Daniel and his wife stepped in to help. After his grandmother passed away, Daniel realized that no one would

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Liquid “Cremations”

Popular Science: A Florida funeral home has debuted a new alternative to cremation, known as the Resomator, that uses heated alkaline water to dissolve bodies in about three hours. Why do we need an alternative to cremation in the first place? Turns out cremation devices use lots of energy, release a fair amount of carbon

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Urns for Pets

Connecting Directors: Aurora Casket Company, the largest privately owned funeral service provider, is pleased to introduce a new selection of more than 100 Pet Memorial products, which includes various collections of pet urns and beautifully designed pendants to help families say goodbye to a beloved pet. Six out of ten pet owners consider their pets

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Electric Football Inventor Passes

The Washington Post: Norman A. Sas, 87, who invented a buzzing, vibrating tabletop game called Tudor Electric Football, a wildly popular and long-enduring simulation of professional football action, died June 28 at his home in Vero Beach, Fla. With an electric motor and a sheet of metal, Mr. Sas devised a game that enthralled millions,

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Scantron Inventor Has Passed

At first you may not know what a scantron is. However, if you’ve ever taken a big test you’re bound to remember quickly. According to WebProNews, Michael Sokolski is the man you can thank for that testing style. Sokolski was born in Poland on September 25th, 1926. He lost his mother during a German attack

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