Being Safe Online

We all know what kind of danger lurks around the corner every time you turn on your computer at home or at the office. We have all seen the television commercials advertising predators and way’s to protect yourself from them. With all of the way’s to steal your identity, credit and personal information, it should […]

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What Blogs Should You Read?

photo credit: Robert S. Donovan It’s not easy to know what is worth reading in social media these days. As technology makes it simpler and simpler to create content, the predictable problem this causes is that people who have no business creating content are doing it with abandon. Do any Google search that returns more

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Working From Home Is Not Easy

photo credit: Kelly Sue Today many people are contemplating making a switch from the corporate office to the home office. This can be a great switch but you should know it’s not for everyone. When many of us think about working from home we think it will be easier then working from a corporate office.

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Where To Find Money For Your Start-up

photo credit: h.koppdelaney Research shows that over 90 percent of new ventures start with whatever money entrepreneurs can scrounge from personal resources. The other 10 percent relied on external sources with family members (parents and spouse) as the most common (5.0 percent). Private investors fund less than 3 percent of start ups. Venture capitalists

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Keeping Your Personal And Business Finances Separate

photo credit: alancleaver_2000 recently posted a very interesting article about keeping business and personal finances separate that I think every business owner should read. This is an extremely beneficial article to those of you who own your own business and are currently keeping your personal and business finances together. One very easy way to ensure that you keep

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Business Advice From Van Halen

What if you could identify the early-warning signs of a business problem? What if, in fact, the red flags are there right now, waving at you unheeded from information you’ve already collected asks Fast Company. Your source of data doesn’t need to be high tech. In fact, it doesn’t even need to be numerical. Consider

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Who Should You Listen To?

photo credit: LiveFromAmsterdam Seth Godin’s: Just for a second, think about the influence, buying power, network and track record of the people you listen to the most. Have they earned the right? In business we hear a lot of advice, tips and constructive criticism whether we ask for it or not. It is inevitable, wherever

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