Champagne Delivery Service

On a trip to Las Vegas for his 30th birthday, one of Gavin Cooper’s friends had the hotel deliver a bottle of champagne to his room. With this surprise bottle of bubbly consumed, a business idea popped into his head: What if you could send a bottle of champagne to anyone, anywhere? When he got […]

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Biz Ideas: Delivering Ikea

Entrepreneur: The Cultons’ business is based on their 13-hour round trip drives to the nearest Ikea store, in Minneapolis, to pick up furniture, placemats, flatware and other items with umlaut-bearing names for customers in Omaha and other Midwest cities far from the Swedish big-box retailer. “The odds of Nebraska seeing a store locate here in

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Building A Cupcake Empire

On a recent Tuesday morning, Lev Ekster paced around his future storefront in Manhattan’s newly opened Limelight Marketplace. He adjusted the 1960s kitchen-kitsch inspired décor and awaited the delivery of a cupcake display case. According to, it would be the first non-mobile location of CupcakeStop, the gourmet cupcake truck he debuted on the New

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The Head Banana

How does someone buy a fruit delivery business for $100,000 and turn it into a $25 million dollar company? That is what The Sydney Morning Herald asked Martin Halphen. He is the owner of The Fruit Box. His company has 50 vans throughout Australia, delivering more than 600,000 pieces – or 120 tonnes – of

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Baby Products To Your Door

It’s hard enough having a new baby in the house, none-the-less trying to get out and buy everything they need. That is the idea behind Storkly. People in the Des Moines area can order the baby necessities and have them delivered directly to their door. It all started with a question offered by a nine

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Is The Stock-Up Era Over?

The days of consumers stocking up on large quantities of food regularly and buying clothes seasons in advance seem to be long gone, so says The Wall Street Journal. Retailers are altering their manufacturing and merchandising strategies in response, The Wall Street Journal reports today. “Apparel makers and retailers…are changing their production and selling schedules

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Jumping On The Food Truck Wagon

Some restaurant chains are now experiencing a different kind of foot traffic, according to The Wall Street Journal. While the food truck trend has been around for a few years now, the article reports on the rise of recognizable restaurant chains using food trucks and vans to catch customers on-the-go. “A small but growing number

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