Doomsday Entrepreneurs

Terror attacks, civil unrest, dirty bombs, earthquakes, 2012. Cue the entrepreneurs. Come-ons for doomsday products, from survival classes to earthquake kits, abound on the Internet. Demand is fueled by natural disasters, terrorist activity and websites dedicated to exploring such topics as what will happen Dec. 21, 2012, the last day of the ancient Maya calendar

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Selling Fake Oil Spill Souvenirs

Jeffrey and David Shiffman are consummate entrepreneurs, attempting to make money off of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. They’ve turned their bathtub into a chemistry lab and are making and bottling “Oil Spill Water” to sell on their website oilspillwater.com. Originally, they were using the actual polluted water from the

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Amid the hardship and devastation of the oil spill, some Louisiana locals are diving into the cleanup and unearthing a goldmine, earning the nickname “spillionaires.” ABC News takes a look. (There may be a short commercial before the news report)

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New Powers For President In Cyber-Attack Response

Bloomberg Businessweek is reporting that the president could order emergency measures to combat cyber attacks under legislation introduced by three senators who say the Internet has unleashed a new breed of cyber-terrorists. Under the legislation, the president’s specific powers would be developed with companies and wouldn’t allow the government to take over private networks or

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Cashing In On The Oil Spill

According to CNNMoney, BP’s oil spill is an expensive disaster for the Gulf Coast, but it’s turning into a gold mine for entrepreneurs. Hundreds of parody products are now on sale across the Web, taking aim at BP’s sunburst logo and “responsibility” pledges. There’s tote bags and buttons on Etsy, coffee mugs on Zazzle, and

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