Niche Biz: Compost Cab

Composting may be the right thing to do for the environment, but it can be hard to get around the smell and the mess–particularly for urbanites without expansive yards. Trendspotter Springwise reports that Compost Cab is a new service about to launch in Washington, DC, that can be called upon to handle all the dirty

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Cool Idea: Seed Boxes

According to trendspotter Springwise, the Life Box can be made to virtually any dimension and used by consumers and companies alike to package or ship goods. What sets the Life Box apart, however, is that within its corrugations are hundreds of tree seeds and thousands of spores of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi. How it works: Once

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That’s Called ChalkBot

If you’re one of the surprisingly large number of Americans who follow the Tour de France every summer, you may have noticed massive, gorgeous printed messages on the route roads, reports Fast Company. Nope, they’re not paint–they’re made of chalk, and they’re sprayed on the road surface by ChalkBot, a massive trailer-mounted inkjet printer sponsored

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Jeans Will Save H20

According to Fast Company, the jeans manufacturing process can be surprisingly water-intensive. Most jeans are washed in industrial washing machines between three to ten times during the finishing process–and that adds up. So when Levi’s went looking for ways to save water this past year, it focused on the finishing side of jeans manufacturing. And

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Living Grass As Indoor Advertising

Curb Media’s DesignGrass is completely natural grass created solely for indoor environments. According to trendspotter Springwise it can be designed in any shape, pattern, image, brand or word and installed on indoor surfaces such as walls and ceilings; once installed, the grass never requires any watering or trimming. Already in use by brands including Electrolux

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