Cool Biz Idea: RecycleMatch

Aiming to extend the “reuse” stage for more industrial materials, Houston-based RecycleMatch helps companies with unwanted waste find companies that want to reuse it, reports trendspotter Springwise. RecycleMatch seeks “to create an industrial ecosystem in which the use of energy and materials are optimized, waste is minimized, and there is an economically viable role for […]

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Solar Business for Everyone

photo credit: Jesse Wagstaff Want to get into the solar business but don’t know anything about electricty? No problem, says the NY Times, neither do these guys: Technology advances and falling prices for solar technology have opened the gates for solar installations by businesses with no background in electricity generation. Energy generation “is not our

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Unplugged And Electric

Take a moment and consider the amount of electricity it takes for a band to use all of their instruments. From the microphone to the electric guitar, everything seems to need a little power. Sean Stevens has completely unplugged the traditional band set, and plugged them into some self-generated power. Known as Sustainable Sound, his

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Have Soup, Will Travel

According to a story at trendspotter Springwise, three soups are typically on the menu in any given week at SoupCycle. Consumers who live or work in the Portland, Ore., company’s delivery area begin by checking out the selections for the following week and placing their order by midnight on Friday; rustic bread, salad and dressing

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Natural Bed Co

After founding an 80 store chain of mattress stores 40 years ago, Jerry Wilson knew a thing or two about mattresses. When he noticed a huge increase in the number of chemicals in the mattress he sold, Wilson realized that there was a market for something different, naturally different, an organic mattress store specializing in

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