Green Dry Cleaning

There will always be clothing with the tag, “dry clean only.” One entrepreneur has create a dry cleaning shop that meets that need in an eco-friendly way. According to Ann, GreenAge Cleaners uses energy efficient pressing machines, and hydrocarbon solvent. “Hydrocarbon doesn’t harm the human body, and there is no air pollution, contamination of

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Wind Power Up High

If we can generate energy from wind turbines on the ground, imagine what we could generate with a flying turbine in the sky. Shepard describes the invention as half-windmill and half-kite. He credits his late father, David, for its creation. “Just five miles above us there is energy far more than we need to power

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CompoKeeper: Making Compost Smell Less

With the introduction of the CompoKeeper, diverting kitchen scraps from going to the landfill is now a piece of cake. As communities become increasingly concerned with climate change, greenhouse gases, and overflowing landfills, recycling organic material is an obvious solution. Unfortunately, the “ick factor” – the fear that decomposing food scraps leading to foul odors,

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GreenBottle Goes Wine

First it was the milk bottle that went green, now the same company is turning to paper for wine bottles! The first question that I’m sure immediately comes to everyone’s mind is how a paper bottle full of wine doesn’t just turn to mush moments after being filled. And the simple answer is by using

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