Electrifying The Fishing Boat Biz

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, if more and more motorists are excited about electric cars, maybe fishermen are ready to trade their outboard motors for battery-powered boats. Frank Jones has wagered $500,000 that they are. His Carolina Electric Boats makes a two-seat boat that looks a bit like a rectangular plastic kiddie pool–its hull is recyclable […]

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Recycle The Whole House!

Recycling is expanding from newspapers and bottles to entire houses as foreclosures, tax credits and landfill costs prompt businesses and non-profit organizations to salvage materials from old homes. According to USA TODAY, stores are springing up to sell used lumber, appliances, cabinetry and flooring. Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit that builds and rehabs affordable homes,

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Recurve, a six-year-old construction company in the Bay Area, focuses on energy audits and “home performance retrofits”–that is, making houses use less energy, reports Bloomberg Businessweek. The company is also developing software to help other contractors record, track, and report data on energy savings for clients. Founder Matt Golden says Recurve’s employees help about 30

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Green Depot

Founder and president Sarah Beatty bills Green Depot as the country’s largest green building supplier, with 10 showrooms and 20 warehouses across the Northeast. She says the fast-growing business isn’t expanding merely for the sake of growth, but to make sustainable building products accessible and affordable so they can be easily adopted in standard construction.

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Water And Fuel Does Mix

Glenn Old is out to prove to the world that water and fuel really does mix together, reports The Sydney Morning Herald. For six months, the Mackay man has been working with a group of American engineers to design, master and perfect a hybrid fuel cell device that could save motorists money and help reduce

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Reusable Straws Made Of Glass

Have you ever found a straw so awesome that it was simply Strawesome? For Daedra Surowiec, the mind behind the straw, those are her awesome creation. Each straw is made of glass but they’re extremely durable and reusable. Surowiec launched Strawesome in March 2009 to sell reusable drinking straws that are both durable and stylish

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